dead reckoning

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an estimate based on little or no information

navigation without the aid of celestial observations

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It can be used alone as a position sensor or combined with other dead reckoning sensors to provide greater accuracy.
The method uses dead reckoning equations based on the vehicle's speed and heading measurements by onboard sensors.
That result indicates that the animals use compass navigation, in addition to dead reckoning, for their longer travels, the researchers conclude in the Jan.
u-blox satellite positioning solutions, leading automotive dead reckoning technology, module roadmap and clear strategy to deliver lane accurate performance in challenging urban environments was convincing.
Under "implementation," ABI Research scrutinized the following criteria: companies' distribution channels, on-board storage, branding, POIs, form factor, and dead reckoning capabilities.
Click here to view a short video of u-blox' 3D Automotive Dead Reckoning technology.
SiRFusion combines real-time Wi-Fi signals, satellite positioning information, pedestrian dead reckoning, and the company s cloud-based CSR Positioning Center to calculate accurate indoor location.
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u-blox, the leading Swiss provider of GPS receiver technology, has improved its groundbreaking GPS dead reckoning system by integrating a gyroscope sensor from Epson Toyocom, a leader in the design and manufacture of crystal-based electronic products, into the reference design for the product.
Before that, drivers used less-than-technical methods: following utility wires, handwritten signs - or dead reckoning and luck.
The IDG-1100 product family targets cost-sensitive and size-constrained portable consumer applications such as digital still cameras (DSC) and camcorders for image and video stabilization, portable navigation devices (PND) for dead reckoning when GPS signals are lost or corrupted, and 3D motion sensing devices such as air mice and audio/video remote controls for television and multimedia centers and game controllers.
Support has been added for concurrent use of GPS and BeiDou (BDS) satellite constellations, along with major updates to the SiRFDRive software dead reckoning algorithms.
10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Swiss u-blox, a global leader in wireless and positioning modules and chips, introduces the NEO-M8L Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) module with integrated motion, direction and elevation sensors.
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u-blox AG, the leading Swiss provider of GPS chips, modules and services, today released the TIM-4R GPS module with dead reckoning technology that ensures 100% road coverage in even the most challenging GPS signal environments.