dead reckoning

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an estimate based on little or no information

navigation without the aid of celestial observations

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We all need to make calculations and judgments to reach our desired goals in business, most of the time it is not dead reckoning, because we can observe what is going on around us all the time.
Another approach to orientation and navigation is the use of dead reckoning navigation to establish the pedestrian's position.
Dead reckoning is also used in self-contained map-matching systems in cars, the most widely used technological approach currently under development for automobile navigation and route guidance.
The study shows that a map-aided dead reckoning navigation system has significantly smaller position errors than a traditional dead reckoning navigation system.
Dead reckoning for teens Starring Bobby Campo and Shantel Van Santen (pictured right), the fourth instalment of the series is shot in eye-popping 3D as some hapless teenagers dodge death (for a while, at least) after their trip to a high-octane car racing track ends in disaster
Schiff agrees, saying, According to popular definition, dead reckoning is short for 'deduced reckoning' or, as the old-timers used to say, 'you're dead if you don't reckon right.
Going beyond global navigation satellite systems and inertial navigation, the book describes terrestrial radio navigation, dead reckoning, and feature matching techniques.
Navigation during the initial war years without radio aids was entirely by dead reckoning with a magnetic compass.
The navigation chapters explain the nomenclature of maps and charts, the dead reckoning method, map orientation, triangulation, and finding cardinal direction from the sun and stars.
DEAD RECKONING is a terrific Thackeray-Ackroyd entry that plays stronger as a social commentary of the times than as a police procedural although Michael does his usual bang up investigation.
The blind mole rat is the first animal found to navigate by combining dead reckoning with a sense of Earth's magnetic field, researchers say.
DCI Jardine (James MacPherson), DS Reid (Blythe Duff) and DC Fraser (Colin McCredie) tackle Babushka, Berserker, Out Of Bounds and Dead Reckoning.
Errors in dead reckoning, however, can accumulate due to wheel slippage, particularly when the robot goes around corners.
MEMS are found in smartphones, netbooks, media tablets, eReaders, games consoles and handheld gaming platforms, where some of them assist with navigation, dead reckoning, image stabilization, and augmented reality.
M8U is the industrys first Untethered Dead Reckoning (UDR) GNSS module providing accurate GNSS location information despite poor signal reception conditions, errors caused by multipath signals, and not being attached to the vehicles network.