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The shocked woman complained to bosses that it showed a lack of respect for the dead person.
Caroline Wilkinson Guess they had no relatives in the towers then how disrespectful Sarah Evans The difference is the twin towers is still too fresh in people''''s minds, they probably didn''''t mean to offend but it''''s still in bad taste Gemma Leanne Goode It''''s disrespectful, but so is dressing as any dead person, which is what Halloween is all about.
The source said that Bausher Police Station received an information tip stating that a body of a dead person was found in Al Hamam area in the Wilayat of Bausher.
Alarge Iranian surgical team last week successfully transplanted the hand of brain dead person to a 37-year-old who lost his hand six years ago in a meat grinder.
They said some polling stations had opened late, that Islamists urging a "yes" vote had illegally campaigned at some stations, and reported some voter registration irregularities, including the listing of one dead person.
The brain dead person is held to have lost integrative unity of the body.
In the second case, the former policeman was accused of stealing Dh2,000 from another dead person.
The dead person was a security guard of a private bank while two other got minor injuries," Ayyaz Mahmoud, a police official, told DPA by telephone.
Manama, Aug 31 (BNA) Following the statement issued today by the Public Prosecution related to the report received on the transportation of a dead person to Sitra health centre on the claims of being attacked by police forces, Head of the Public Prosecution at the Capital Governorate Osama Al Asfoor stated that blood examination conducted by the Forensic Laboratory on the deceased was entirely free from any effects of tear gas exposure.
CDATA[ Hareidis opposed bill proposed by MK Eldad that would have allowed taking organs from a dead person unless his family objects.
The identity of the dead person found in the Porthcawl bay area yesterday morning had yet to be established last night but it was feared it could be Shady Reed.
To remove a dead person from mailing lists visit www.
The results of the post-mortem examination are not due to be made public until the family of the dead person have been told.
Mr Bruce told how he had discovered the wreckage on his way to work yesterday morning and feared that there may be a dead person inside.