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a metaphor that has occurred so often that it has become a new meaning of the expression (e

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The dead metaphor and the living crow are alluded to when, on the next page, "Mr.
Clearly, al-Jurjani seems to have appreciated the new poetic style introduced by "modern" poets in the Abbasid period, rejecting the simple, worn-out cliches or dead metaphors of the traditional poets.
While Cranmer appeals to usage as evidence of figuration, however, Gardiner cancels his own recognition of its extent by invoking usage and thereby dead metaphor or cliche.
Every grain of sand was a dead metaphor that equaled timelessness, and to decipher such metaphors would take one through the false mirror of eternity.
The orientational and ontological metaphors are considered as the novel metaphors that are not dead, because of that they are more attractive than the structural or dead metaphors.
Thus, argues Guttenplan, again with numerous examples, even dead metaphors are metaphors, and can be revived 'by constructing appropriately extended contexts or continuations' (186).
Arnold's problem, the linguistics professor explains, is a case study in the power of figurative language: Names like Miller and Baker may be dead metaphors, but Hitler is "very much alive.
Paul Housley's paintings dredge the past to reclaim banal, second-hand imagery and reanimate dead metaphors.
Many of the poem's titles are careful twists on dead metaphors and other commonly used phrases.
In this sense, Perth Amboy should be seen as an endgame in the cycle of spectacularization that is native both to Pop and to installation as a form, a necessary return of the repressed sculpture-as-object, now demoted to one among a possibly infinite number of dead metaphors.
Such metaphors are so deeply embedded in our language that we could call them dead metaphors except for the fact that they live in our minds, the fact that they "create realities for us" (p.