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a slow march to be played for funeral processions

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There follow an urbane elegiac air, a more powerful declamatory threnody, a sombre dead march and an expressive mourning chorus: a range of responses the conventional and rather anodyne imagery of the anonymous text scarcely deserves.
The prime suspect in the case was found dead March 11 in New Delhi's Tihar Jail.
Carroll of North Brookfield when he was found dead March 28, 2007, from what a medical examiner determined was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
Enthusiasm was not rife at the prospect of three hours of Saul on Friday, memories of that Establishment-purloined Dead March, another Hallelujah Chorus, no less, and not even David's slaying of Goliath to cheer us up (that dramatic incident is merely reported in a few casual bars).
Stokowski's Symphonic Baroque is under the experienced direction of the Maestro's former associate Matthias Bamert and includes "wide-screen" renderings of Handel's Water Music, Vivaldi, Purcell and a Dead March from Saul culminating in the loudest drum roll I have ever heard on disc.
Robert Alan Kruger, a 37-year-old investment broker who worked in Oxnard, and his girlfriend, Christine Deanne Churchill, 28, were found dead March 30 when Churchill's two children returned home from a weekend outing.
Carroll when he was found dead March 28, 2007, from what a medical examiner determined was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
The squat, sinister Pentagon building is just across the Potomac river to the left, next door to the Arlington military cemetery where the headstones of some 250,000 US war dead march downhill to the Eternal Flame marking John F Kennedy's grave.
We also enjoyed a world premiere, BCMG's latest 'Sound Investment' commission, Gerald Barry's Dead March.
As well as Bass Inventions the concert on February 2, also at the CBSO Centre and conducted by Peter Rundel, includes the Alhambra Fantasy by the CBSO's current composer-in-association, Julian Anderson, the Sonata for Cello and Eight Instruments by Huw Watkins (soloist Ulrich Heinen) and the world premiere of BCMG's latest Sound Investment commission, Dead March by Irish composer Gerald Barry.
But village bandmasters in the 19th century knew their Handel and one of the pieces in the Mellstock does is a rousing Dead March from Saul arranged in the style of one of the old militia bands, for clarinet, oboe, serpent and bass drum.
Just before kick-off in the game against Newcastle, the band played the Dead March in Saul and 30,000 spectators stood and took their caps off in silence.