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a language that is no longer learned as a native language

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Through the study of a dead language, she makes peace with her past and finds purpose in this next phase of her life.
Doctora Bann's efforts to teach herself Old Valenian will be relatable to anyone who's struggled to learn a dead language.
While many have labeled Yiddish as a dead language, with a little less than two million people currently able to understand it, there has been a revival of the language as of late, for those Jews trying to keep it alive.
They are simultaneously archaic and modern, sometimes even futuristic, both fragments of a dead language and fossils of a civilization yet to come; they seem to contain both recollection and premonition, memory and mirage.
Orphaned as a baby, John lives with his eccentric Granddad who has taught him useful life skills: an ancient dead language and how to pickpocket.
All Dutch children are fluent in English by the time they leave school, and Israel revived a dead language in a matter of decades.
camera introduced network of recognition for by selling seized from state that crime wasn't for these have the - so There are more than a million young people unemployed, with little prospect of finding gainful employment, yet Mr Makin wants to revive a dead language.
This paper proceeds to analyze Black women's linguistic inventiveness, their deliberate subversion of standard American English and the rooted complexities in two seemingly diverse texts- Harriet Jacob's slave narrative Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (1861) and a play by Adrienne Kennedy entitled A Lesson in Dead Language (1968.
It will turn into a commonplace language, or worse, a dead language.
It has prevented Urdu from being an archaic or dead language by giving it a new heartiness and vitality.
Army Chemical Corps, "Elementis regamus proelium," is expressed in Latin--a dead language that is unknown to the vast majority of the U.
As a neo-Latin poet, of course, he was in the ambiguous business of celebrating the immortality of a dead language.
Hebrew had been a dead language for many generations, more or less like Latin, when it was still used in the Catholic church.
London, June 6 (ANI): A team of scholars have completed a dictionary of a long dead language, which had not been spoken for more than 2,000 years, after working on it for 90-years.
Mary Beard tries to excite the pupils with the dead language using David Beckham's tattoos as a primer.