dead heat

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Synonyms for dead heat

an equality of scores, votes, or performances in a contest

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a tie in a race

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I propose, therefore, that in future the judge is required to make a decision based on the official print and if he cannot separate them on the print, he should call a dead heat.
The dead heat counted toward Johar trainer Richard Mandella's record four victories on the day.
However, Les Davies who was secretary at Newport's Somerton Park track, which closed in 1963, claimed that in 1958 three greyhounds - Combine Hope, Finnerty and Maglin Breeze - ran a triple dead heat.
When we announced the triple dead heat a huge roar went up.
The first ever triple dead heat has happened earlier in January, 2011, and bookies said the chances of it happening again were 30 million-to-one.
The 1877 Boat Race In the 183-year history of the Boat Race between Cambridge and Oxford, there has only ever been one dead heat.
The dead heat between Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh is the first-ever during the Olympic trials.
A group-stage tie, where each team is awarded one point, will be settled as a dead heat.
At one point there was a dead heat and it was thought two candidates might have to draw lots out of a hat to decide the result.
As for the girls, they are taking their dead heat in their stride.
It took me three or four days to get over losing the Kentucky Derby,'' said Solis, who finished in a dead heat for fourth with Brother Derek behind winner Barbaro.
Bush and Senator John Kerry were locked in a dead heat right up until Election Day.
Despite the dissatisfaction, the race between Mr Bush and his election challenger, John Kerry, is a dead heat, the Los Angeles Times Poll found.
Dead Heat is a short, punchy, no-holds-barred pitch to push the 'facts' of climate change, and the associated roll-on of wider environmental and social problems into view.
I was happy to settle for the dead heat - it would have been desperate to lose out," said Kinane.