dead heat

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Synonyms for dead heat

an equality of scores, votes, or performances in a contest

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a tie in a race

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The first ever triple dead heat has happened earlier in January, 2011, and bookies said the chances of it happening again were 30 million-to-one.
It's unclear how the dead heat will be broken; it's up to Felix and Tarmoh to decide how they want to settle the dilemma.
Pipe said: "Jamie thought he'd won and I thought we'd lost, so I'm happy with the dead heat.
Mr Kerry, a senator from Massachusetts, is leading Mr Bush by two percentage points - a slight reduction on the LA Times' last poll and a statistical dead heat.
In an entertaining, pocketbook read that is excellent for getting up to speed on climate change scenarios, Dead Heat presents compelling scenarios with the latest charts and figures.
It was a dead heat until the very last day," said Morgan.
A group-stage tie, where each team is awarded one point, will be settled as a dead heat.
Mike Hudd caught a 1lb 14oz cod at Lavernock Point and Chris Garner matched it with his from by the outfall to make it a dead heat at third place.
I was happy to settle for the dead heat - it would have been desperate to lose out," said Kinane.
When it comes to length, "they're in a dead heat, "says Hedges.
54% for a one-year CD--a virtual dead heat and little incentive to keep your funds tied up an extra year.
Yesterday's polls revealed that Bush and Kerry were in a dead heat in the White House race going into their final debate.
Therefore, the only way that there could be a dead heat in this bet is if two players from the World Cup-winning team ended up on the same number of 'top' goals.
Proposition 73 was in a virtual dead heat Tuesday, with voters split on a constitutional amendment that would require parental notification for minor girls seeking abortions.
Dettori forced Halmahera up in the last stride of the Ladbrokes Handicap to snatch a dead heat with Speed Cop, who had looked sure to win alone with a furlong to run.