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real property held inalienably (as by an ecclesiastical corporation)

the oppressive influence of past events or decisions

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Wales, once it is freed from the dead hand of London government which is only interested in the spiv economy of the City of London, will thrive.
Tenders are invited for Tata ACC (Chassis) Tatas yellow / red in color,Tata A C (Chassis) above Complete Complete systems including hydraulic jack with power of which 40X40 PIPE 03X1 1/2 Complete the channel made up of 10 gauge MS sheet fabrication including 01 pieces, including work and siren 3)Dumpster 16 gauge MS sheet slab dead hand Chadder fit tire rubber frame tough double iron sheet capacity 5 C F C T20 pieces Agl
He fumed: "We still have the dead hand of the Government running things like trains and buses, generally pretty badly.
The country needs a complete break from the dead hand of the two party system that stifles change, snuffing good will to all.
Celebrating the pioneer spirit of the self-made man, Cold Dead Hand is a choice pick for country fans.
To put it all in simpler terms: Egypt's first revolution was to get rid of the dead hand, the second revolution was to get rid of the deadheads and the third revolution was to escape from the dead end.
Carrey stirred the ire of gun advocates on March 24 when he posted the Funny or Die video "Cold Dead Hand," which pokes fun at the NRA and the gun zealotry of the late Charlton Heston.
But in the context of a policy penchant for health workforce experimentation and ministerial decree, health professional regulation is surely a dead hand to be cut away.
I want to bring such talents together to create a strong team ready to replace the dead hand of Labour in 2016.
Not for him the reforms imposed by central government, both Labour and Tory led, which were designed deliberately to free schools from the dead hand (or nurturing bosom, as one prefers) of local council control.
The Dead Hand The Untold Story of the Cold War Arms Race and Its Dangerous Legacy | DAVID E.
While searching for inspiration in the decaying city of Calcutta, an actual dead hand in a package is delivered to him and starts him off on his journey of rediscovery.
The text explores the extent to which the dead can rule over the living--how much legal power the "dead hand" has, how much the dead hand can control, and whether the dead hand is getting weaker or stronger--all of which raises questions about the legal fate of dynastic, long-term arrangements.
In many areas of administration, Bulgaria has languished too long under the dead hand of incompetence and complacency.
The Positive Alternative to Dead Hand Control: Charitable