dead end

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Synonyms for dead end

Synonyms for dead end

a course leading nowhere

Synonyms for dead end

a passage with access only at one end

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a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible

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If I quit a Dead End, will it increase my ability to get through the Dip onto something more important?
In Noe Valley, all the dead ends turned out to be dead.
however, the foreman at the nearby Tierra Rejada Produce orchard radioed his dispatcher to send help because Doermann's 1992 white Ford Probe had gotten stuck at the dead end of Read Road, below the west side of the Moorpark Freeway grade, between Thousand Oaks and Moorpark.
After the ego trip wears off, riders will be back in their automobiles, taxpayers will be stuck with another government ``we know better than private enterprise'' white elephant, property owners will be stuck with reduced values and surface travelers of all kinds will be stuck with dead ends and lengthy detours thanks to the concrete and steel defecation called a ``track.
There were many dead ends and many, many doomsayers along the way.
Banding is used to secure three bolt suspension clamps, dead ends, equipment, and other attachments to round, square, or octagonal poles.
95, Doubleday, 245 pages), might have curbed his premature midlife crisis, but it left a few inconclusive dead ends with the latter issue.
Because 95 percent of ammonites had beautifully coiled bodies, paleontologists have traditionally considered the uncoiled forms as evolutionary dead ends that could not compete well, says Zinsmeister.
And when Marcus describes the recording of the song, in June 1965, with all its false starts and dead ends, we see how perilously close it came to never existing at all: "The singer is trying to find his way into his song, plinking notes on the piano.
Despite numerous detours and dead ends, the team is relentless in its pursuit.
Houseplants, including the popular spider plant, chlorophytum, commonly show brown, dead ends to the leaves.