dead end

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Synonyms for dead end

Synonyms for dead end

a course leading nowhere

Synonyms for dead end

a passage with access only at one end

Related Words

a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible

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DAV service officers, members and Auxiliary members transform lives and have a positive impact--through the free services our organization offers--in assisting veterans and their families in overcoming frustration, discouragement and VA paperwork dead ends.
The saddle portion looks like a little horse saddle, so install the U-bolt on the dead end and the saddle portion on the three-inch extra piece of wire rope.
Godin suggests some questions to guide our way through Dead Ends and Dips.
Lauderdale, going from a six figure job to a series of dead end positions that she receives remittance for under the table.
If this is not done, we are facing a logistics dead end.
Asked if US-Syrian relations reached a dead end, Shara replies: "American-Syrian relations are bad because of the bad US policy in the region, and due to its blind bias in favour of Israel, and we hope they don't reach a dead end.
Dead End is bad, no doubt about that, but whether its quality was accidental or the result of a clever and deliberate swipe at the horror genre makes for a surprisingly alluring mystery.
DEAD END is released to rent and buy on Video and DVD on May 17 from Pathe Distribution Ltd - and the Irish People has 15 copies to give away
Dead End is a supernatural thriller which taps into this universal fear.
Bernard Punsly, the last surviving member of the Dead End Kids, died of cancer in Torrance, Calif.
Ray Wise appeared in two pictures at FanTasia's seventh edition, Jean-Baptiste Andrea's and Fabrice Canepa's Dead End and Victor Salva's Jeepers Creepers 2.
Within the fiendishly contrived asymmetrical geometry of the labyrinth are a series of devices such as seating alcoves and a dead end staircase.
Each clue leads to a dead end until Kinsey gets close to the truth, which places her own life in danger.
And when Mussolini finally got around to puffing a decent road up the shore, the Feltrinellis paid him to have it moved further up the hill so they wouldn't be disturbed by traffic, leaving them on what is sentially a dead end.
For the upgrade, Preformed Line Products of Cleveland makes cable anchoring, called Rocket-Socket, which is a dead end for the guy wires that support the larger towers.