dead end

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Synonyms for dead end

Synonyms for dead end

a course leading nowhere

Synonyms for dead end

a passage with access only at one end

Related Words

a situation in which no progress can be made or no advancement is possible

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Imagine a world where acute and critical care nurses understand and recognize the difference between Dips and Dead Ends.
As cliche after cliche is rolled out in a shameless by-the-numbers script of two-dimensional semihysterical characters, Dead End leaves the bizarre sensation that you are watching something so far short of average it possesses a strange crippled uniqueness all of its own.
A chilling and nightmarish tale full of nerve-shredding tension, DEAD END will ensure you're never tempted to take a short-cut again
Dead End is a generic horror-thriller which gives away its twist far too early and betrays its low budget origins at every, heavily sign-posted turn.
Generally, the dead end often results when hackers jump through or from foreign countries.
This seeming dead end led him to study the then newly identified interferon molecules, which are produced by immune-system cells.
R Cubed Productions to Hold Auditions for "The Dead End Gang"
This is the rule that says that if you go down a dead-end street and don't see the sign that says it's a dead end, you will soon learn by personal experience that the road is a dead end.
Labour yesterday pledged to take action over the increasing army of Dead End youngsters in Britain.
But as these girls are in their mid-20s it's closer in age (if not in cleverness) to Lena Dunham's Girls than a female Inbetweeners, mining that period after university when your dream career fails to just drop into your lap and you end up, as the title says, drifting between dead end jobs and even more dead end relationships.
SHREWSBURY - Selectmen voted unanimously last night not to make a portion of Clews Street a dead end.
A MAN who directed a taxi driver to a dead end street before robbing, assaulting him and stealing his car has been given an indeterminate prison sentence.
As it happens, Martin's got the goods at his disposal: the scenery, the music, a better-than-average cast and a fresh-faced collection of Dead End Kids to give Kingsley's drama a steady electrical current.
One could define Smithy Ide as a typical middle-aged loser--unmarried with a dead end job and nothing to do but eat and get drunk.
In Dead End, the Harrington family are the latest bunch to ignore this advice and it's not long before the body count starts to rise.