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something doomed to failure

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We were horrified to see around 25 dead ducks piled in a heap.
The RSPCA was first called on Sunday, July 24 by a member of the public who had reportedly seen a dead duck at the verge by the road.
We have to take him out to the river's edge and "reshoot" the dead duck, making the water splash in front of it.
Most of the dead ducks seen in upstate New York are red-breasted mergansers, which breed in northern Canada and Alaska and come south for the winter to the Great Lakes region.
Another photograph shows at least 10 dead ducks lined up in front of Michael and an unidentified companion.
Residents found the dead ducks in Nanhe river in Pengshan county, Sichuan province, and alerted the environmental department, reports the BBC.
There were dead ducks, fluffy white chicks and goslings lying everywhere.
Owner Neil Porritt, 46, of in Guisborough, North Yorkshire, said: "There were dead ducks, fluffy white chicks and goslings lying everywhere.
It's time we got our priorities right and stop throwing money at dead ducks such that garden and theatre in South Wales
Each of the 350 stolen birds retails at approximately pounds 50 - the dead ducks add up to a loss of another pounds 12,000.
The two confirmed cases of the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5 in dead ducks in Sweden brings the number of EU countries affected by the virus to nine.
The agriculture ministry of Baden-Wuerttemberg state said a lab was investigating whether two more dead ducks found near Lake Constance carried the same strain.
Dead ducks were found in Dingdang, a town in the Guangxi region where she lives, in January 2004 - the mainland's first case of bird flu.
Dead ducks do not fly although their dissection may be of interest to biologists.
Detroit captain Steve Yzerman knew the team wasn't going well, but he'd like to believe the Red Wings weren't a bunch of dead Ducks.