dead duck

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something doomed to failure

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Unfortunately, he had yet to find any of the dead ducks and has instead been returning proudly to the blind with various species of decoys.
The goose did not look like it had been dead for a long time, but when I saw the dead duck I thought I better report it because of the bird flu scares and because it wasn't just one dead bird.
Details of Hammond's remarks were leaked because senior Tories are at war over who will replace dead duck Prime Minister Theresa May.
John Ellwood, prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, said an emaciated duck was found in a homemade pond alongside remains of a dead duck at McCabe's allotment on Chester Road, in Hartlepool.
I can just see the four entrepreneurs investing money in what most certainly from the very beginning would be a total dead duck.
Opinion - Page 14 YOU PAID FOR A DEAD DUCK ANGLESEY council leader Clive McGregor was due to fly from Cardiff with Highland Airways today.
As the Airport is a dead duck, with little hope, one cannot allow the status quo to exist for long allowing more money to haemorrhage away.
Gordon Brown has only two months before his own party "convention" to turn things around if he is not to go from lame duck to dead duck.
Dead Duck, patterned after the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, was even purchased and shipped to an art collector in Washington, D.
It is quite clear that the Stalinist approach is the one they favour - that's why we still have a West Midlands Regional Council - the idea of which is a dead duck since the Geordies in Newcastle-upon-Tyne voted and threw it out.
The remarks come after the ECHO printed an email the Birken-head Labour councillor forwarded to all 65 Wirral councillors stating: "New Brighton should now be wrapped up and buried in the Mer sey - just as we may do with any dead duck.
vets collect the dead duck found outside a house near Edgbaston Reservoir last week.
Meanwhile, tests are continuing on the dead duck which sparked a scare in Birmingham on Friday.
Once an airport is encroached upon it's a dead duck,'' said Supervisor Don Maben, whose district includes Mojave.