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a drop used for the clandestine exchange of intelligence information

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Lure selection: No lure works better for the dead drop than the leadhead jig.
People imagine that Trevor has run off with this scarlet woman who is dead drop gorgeous, with huge boobies and long blond hair.
He said McCredie was "the controller" and added: "The essence of a dead drop is that a controller will manage the distribution of drugs by having the drugs uplifted by third parties so it cannot be easily attributed to him.
But he hasn't counted on Hale's surviving his dead drop.
o 30 cm (12 inch) dead drop test, chain safety mechanism
He said he smuggled the drugs from Pakistan to Bahrain where two others helped deliver them to different locations for dead drops.
The course concentrates on the issues and locations most relevant to al-Qaeda operations, taking a step-by-step approach to the latter, from carrying out assassinations and taking hostages to conducting attacks on motorcades and making dead drops.
The Dead Drops have been replaced with pigeons carrying SIM cards full of backstory snippets.
There are long chapters on topics such as using dead drops for communications, how to ambush a motorcade, and urban tactical procedures.
The manual addresses definitions of guerilla war, guerilla force structures in rural and urban settings, the use of dead drops, assassinations and hostage-taking, planning and operations, and operational techniques within cities.
Such operations rely on sophisticated communications by means of satellites, dead drops, and postal-accommodation addresses in third countries to provide channels for the continued receipt of vital information.