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the position of a crank when it is in line with the connecting rod and not exerting torque

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You are probably assuming that I chose dead centre because it gave me the optimal vantage point to watch, say, Steve Guttenberg or Kelly Le Brock carrying out whatever they were doing in the 1980s, but you would be wrong.
These pieces feel quite heavy and the back stamp in gold on the reverse is off-centre, which is quite odd because a quality manufacturer would always make sure that the back stamp was dead centre.
But The Scottish Ballet's rendering of The Sleeping Beauty, which had its world premiere in 2007, has managed to inject a fresh, contemporary edge to ballet that, judging by the applause as the curtain fell, hits the mark dead centre.
I hadn't fancied a putt all week yet I knocked it it dead centre.
But British Labour MP Stephen Pound said last night: "I know the Tories are moving to the dead centre but this is ridiculous.
Chapel House is in the dead centre of this 1722 painting behind the small house with smoke coming from the roof.
Contemporary visions are more geographically wideranging and include William Eggleston's desolate pictures of the American South-West, Balthasar Burkhard's ravishing black and white aerial studies of Namib sand dunes and Swiss artist Beat Streuli's hypnotic slide montage of a journey between Alice Springs and Uluru (Ayres Rock), recording the red, dead centre of Australia.
The young whippersnapper is just jealous because I know how to stay in the dead centre of things.
It wasn't dead centre but it was sweet enough," said Farrell.
Pay attention when buying, though, as the Clio was recalled for a dodgy brake light switch in 2007, and some owners have reported glitches with the top dead centre (TDC) sensor.
Now Bert had a magnificent grey moustache, complete with nicotine stain dead centre.
Dead centre, with the double porticos, is Shepley Co-op.
We sat in the second row, dead centre, and the security stopped them from dancing in the front.
Luxury saloon levels of comfort combined with all the bite of the toughest off-roader, that was the challenge Volkswagen set itself when designing its new Touareg and they have hit the target dead centre.