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the position of a crank when it is in line with the connecting rod and not exerting torque

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The current seismic effort has resulted in the identification of the top, dead center of the Bellevue Dome, the largest and most prospective dome structure in the current drilling program.
I have resisted the temptation to put in wildcat wells, instead opting for the measured approach where we now have real, top dead center discovery wells, on structure, with proven source rock and reservoir potential giving us the best chance of success in this high risk, high reward, frontier basin play.
largest American manufacturer of live and dead centers -- precision-made workholding devices used in manufacturing -- has announced sales and marketing restructuring as well as some key personnel changes, poising Riten for a new phase of growth.
Riten has been a leading manufacturer of live and dead centers throughout the country for some time.
Riten, know for its product excellence and unique warranty policy, has a full line of high quality, precision live and dead centers.