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the part of a lock that is engaged or withdrawn with a key

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For doors that swing in two directions, a solenoid activated dead bolt or bolt lock may provide an acceptable alternative to the magnetic shear lock.
Topic will include installing a garage door, installing a smoke detector, pruning for fall and winter, texturing walls, installing a dead bolt and more.
In addition, SCIF emergency exit doors must be constructed of material equivalent in strength and density to that of the main entrance door, be secured with dead bolt panic hardware on the inside, and have no exterior hardware.
Install a dead bolt security lock for added protection against strong winds.
Southern Wine and Spirits sponsored the wines, which came from the Kenwood Vineyards and Dead Bolt Wine.
In addition to a dead bolt on the outside of the door, which is a distance from the mother's room, there were no smoke detectors in the apartment, police said.
The parents had installed a dead bolt lock on the door that required a key to unlock it from the inside.
Home Heartbeat Hydro-Industries - Reel Smart Automatic Hose Reel Loggerhead Tools - Bionic Wrench Radiator Specialty - L4 Liquid Wrench Foaming Lubricant and Penetrant Arrow Fastener Company - Nail Master 2 GE Sealants & Adhesives - GE Silicone II Kitchen & Bath with Bioseal Safety by Design - Turner Dead Bolt Positec USA, Inc.
Sponsors of the event include the Church of Scientology, William Dean Chocolates, David Ramirez Chocolates, Viktoria Richards Chocolates, Le Macaron French Pastries, Southern Wine and Spirits, Kenwood Vineyards and Dead Bolt Wine.
Doors - All entry doors should have three hinges and a dead bolt lock with at least a one-inch bolt throw length.
Gable end walls and roof sheathing should be strongly attached and braced, and double doors should have heavy duty anchors at the top and bottom and a dead bolt at least 1" long.
com) recommends that guests check their rooms to see if they are equipped with a dead bolt lock and peephole.
Give your front door a security boost by installing a dead bolt like National's Dead Bolt with Chain Guard (Item #5199, $4.
PATHFINDER developed the packaging and launched a nationwide marketing campaign for Dead Bolt Buddy(TM), a patented personal protection consumer product.
Discounts are available to renters who are age 55 or older, and to those whose dwellings have a protective device, such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, burglar alarms, and dead bolt locks.