dead body

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a natural object consisting of a dead animal or person

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There was a moment's silence, -- it was evident that the doctor was examining the dead body.
But Achilles said, speaking to the dead body, "Die; for my part I will accept my fate whensoever Jove and the other gods see fit to send it.
He stood there for some minutes looking at the dead body.
Under the branches of an enormous spruce lay the dead body of a man.
The seemingly dead body of the watchman wandered, as we have said, to the hospital, where it was brought into the general viewing-room: and the first thing that was done here was naturally to pull off the galoshes--when the spirit, that was merely gone out on adventures, must have returned with the quickness of lightning to its earthly tenement.
I do wish that the custom of calling a dead body `the remains' could be abolished.
According to police source, the deceased who was identified as Ameer Ali son of Ghulam Muhammad truck driver of Sargodha district was shot dead by unidentified accused somewhere and thrown the dead body in the canal.
Meanwhile police recovered dead body of a tourist whose car was plunged into the River Swat near Qaidam area on Eid day.
Police have also recovered a dead body, packed in gunny bag, from Bakra Peeri area in Lyari.
He noted that the dead body belongs to man in his 30s.
That dead body - it was a former girlfriend of Joe's, Cathie (Emily Mortimer, quite good, quite naked).
When the police searched the area, it found the dead body of Mohammad Jameel hanging to a tree.
The police have shifted the dead body to the hospital for legal formalities.
Drivers noticed the dead body and stopped driver of the vehicle which was driven for around five kilometers on highway.
From the Latin reliquus, a "relic" is, literally, the physical remains of a dead body, the corpse, or a part of it; a relic can also be an object that has been in physical contact with the body.