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an inadvertent interruption in a broadcast during which there is no sound

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Dead Air is politically incorrect, borderline neurotic and there's something in there to offend probably 90 per cent of the population.
8 /PRNewswire/ -- Scores of long distance and cell phone users in the Gulf Coast have been met with busy signals and dead air when trying to make calls as Hurricane Katrina knocked out power and telecommunications lines along the coast.
iQT monitors and analyzes, in real time, the end-user experience, identifying and pinpointing when callers experience fast-busy signals, dead air, poor audio quality and cut offs.
The movie star plans to appear in the pounds 4million film - Dead Air - about a controversial DJ who takes up with a gangster's wife.
The telecast of 1959 featured host Jerry Lewis and more than 90 Hollywood stars floundering to fill in 20 minutes of dead air time when the ceremony wrapped too early.
For example, students had to learn how to improvise to fill the dead air when someone misses a cue.
The company urged readers to focus on being compliant with laws regarding abandoned calls, dead air, and dynamic caller ID, deemphasizing the much-talked about national list.
But their video did not air for 10 minutes, during which time there was dead air.
Ounce for ounce, 550 and better down creates more dead air space - and therefore more warmth - around your body than any other material.
These rules require teleservices companies to virtually eliminate abandoned calls and dead air.
Dead air is also caused by inferior answer detection technology that is unable to quickly recognize a live answer versus an answering machine and then immediately connect the agent with the caller.
On the exclusive Lightningcast network of premium webcasters, advertisers are provided surgically precise targeting and auditing never before seen from radio advertising, as well as seamless ad playback that eliminates dead air caused by buffering delays.
It can be used to detect drafts or dead air, measure wind velocity from fans, check air flow patterns through the building and measure ammonia and carbon dioxide levels.
So Kaplan had to play chicken with some of these guys - otherwise, he's got 22 minutes of dead air.
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