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an inadvertent interruption in a broadcast during which there is no sound

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The stations have automated systems, but with the power to the building having to be shut off, those systems could not work and all that was heard on the airwaves was dead air.
Dead Air is a masterpiece of controversy, so fluid and abstract that it almost feels like you've climbed inside the mind of the author.
Dead Air is a chilling tale guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.
Hope you like it," Contactmusic quoted guitarist Jonny Greenwood as having written on the band's Dead Air Space blog.
But another stated: "He filled the dead air between the Today programme and the Archers".
As the Cowboy Action shooters know, when you start getting into light bullets for any given case design, you start having problems with excess case capacity and dead air space.
North American Telecom research states that callers listening to information on hold will stay on the line for up to three minutes longer than those listening to dead air.
Maybe it was done in haste to cover up dead air as the commentator.
Sweat reduces the thermal efficiency of clothing from the inside out by first eliminating (filling) dead air space in clothing fibers with moisture.
Even at the risk of giving Tracy + the Plastics' music--ostensibly what any band is all about--short shrift, I want to focus on the topic of dead air.
DEAD AIR is his second novel, and he uses the news of the day as his subject .
Instead of ``The O'Franken Factor,'' the series featuring comic Al Franken that was supposed to launch the liberal talk-show network, listeners heard dead air.
While the other boats hit dead air, Reinrag2 crossed the finish line off Honolulu ahead of everyone else in its class, setting a new record.
Our solution allows businesses to make, and take, more customer calls without the hindrance of dead air, abandoned calls or "unknown" caller I.
The sheet iron (E) is heated by the lamp which fills the dead air space between E and I, the normal flooring.
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