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Synonyms for deactivate

remove from active military status or reassign

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make inactive

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Latest Software Version Featuring New TuneUp Economy Mode and Enhanced TuneUp Program Deactivator Now Available
They were originally developed as light stabilizers, but now they are also used as multifunctional additives, since they have been found to work as a radical-trapping agent, a heavy metal deactivator, a hydroperoxide decomposer, and so on [24, 25].
Hostanox OSP-i metal deactivator and antioxidant has stronger metal deactivating properties than other metal deactivators.
Previously, the 420 x 89 x 29 mm part, called a deactivator, was cast from aluminum and machined to required tolerances.
TuneUp Utilities 2012 will enable Windows 7, Vista and XP users to maximize battery power with innovative tuning feature TuneUp Economy Mode, and to keep their PCs running as good as new with enhancements of its trusted system optimization tools, including TuneUp Program Deactivator.
Contract awarded for 3 antenna calibration service safety brand dialoc id, model ellipse and maintenance equipment 2020 acivado / deactivator brand dialoc, lcs-pro model located in faculty library.
Previous report has shown that the low concentration of nitroxide radical on flat surfaces results in an insufficient concentration of deactivator to provide adequate control during the NMRP reaction (23).
Lowinox MD24 is a metal deactivator that additionally acts as a hindered phenolic antioxidant.
CGA 12 also appears to function as a catalyst deactivator, greatly reducing interactions between catalyst residues and antioxidants.
The synergists were mercaptotoluimidazole (MTI), a well known, non extractable activator and N,N [prime]-bis-beta-(3,5-di-t-buty 1-4-hydroxyphenyl) propionylhydrazide (NDBHPH), a material sold commercially as a metal deactivator.
Hostanox 0SP-1 metal deactivator and antioxidant has stronger metal deactivating properties than other metal deactivators.
The rate of crystallization and morphology of PET is affected by its molecular weight, diethylene glycol content, additives, catalyst, catalyst deactivator, etc (16-18).
The stabilizer acts as a secondary antioxidant, and, in addition to color control, also appears to function as a catalyst deactivator and a long-term heat stabilizer.
SECTION V -- SPECIALTY FUEL ADDITIVES BY TYPE 1 Specialty Fuel Additive Demand by Type 75 2 Deposit Control Additive Demand 80 3 Fuel Detergent Demand 82 4 Other Deposit Control Additive Demand 85 5 Cetane Improver Demand 88 6 Petroleum Dye & Marker Demand 90 7 Antioxidant Demand 93 8 Lubricity Improver Demand 95 9 Corrosion Inhibitor Demand 97 10 Cold Flow Improver Demand 99 11 Metal Deactivator Demand 101 12 Other Fuel Additive Demand 103
The rate of polymerization decreased in the addition of Cu(II) deactivator and more deactivator led to lower polymerization rate.