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the act of deactivating or making ineffective (as a bomb)

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The mode deactivation process is where the intervention takes place, in the following four areas: (1) core beliefs, (2) perception of fear being the main response (3) anticipation, and (4) avoidance of triggers (Swart & Apsche, 2014).
Cylinder deactivation is among a number of fuel efficiency solutions Ford is investigating for the 1.
Checks: Two-thirds of the latest biometric deactivations were caused by contingency staff.
The cylinder deactivation system works by deactivating the second and third cylinders when the car is cruising, and the cylinders are reactivated when the driver presses the accelerator.
Depending on the load given by the driver and the battery's state of charge the ICE can sustain the electric motor with partial or full torque and power with or without cylinder deactivation.
This is the eighth recall since 1999 related to the faulty cruise control deactivation switch and brings the total to 16 million vehicles recalled.
This was the final deployment for VS-22--the Navy's last S-3B Viking squadron--which marked its deactivation with a 29 January ceremony at NAS Jacksonville, and officially deactivated on 31 March.
Hence, the important challenges of development of cobalt catalysts have focused on decreasing the deactivation rate of supported catalysts [Krishnamurthy et al.
Quite a few units had already transformed, yet, my search for information on the unit deactivation process yielded little.
announced that its low-profile bi-optic bar code scanning technology is now enhanced with anti-theft tag deactivation capabilities from ADT, a provider of security solutions.
SAN FRANCISCO -- One reason that few implantable cardioverter defibrillators get shut off to prevent a painful, unnecessary shock near the end of a patient's life is that physicians disagree about who should begin the deactivation discussion, Dr.
The deactivation was unbelievable, very pronounced.
Additionally, there is an Active Noise Control (ANC) system in the cabin that measures the booming noise from deactivation and emits via the audio system an opposite sound wave to cancel out the booming.
Delphi noted that its cylinder deactivation system "selectively 'turns off' half of the engine's cylinders under certain conditions to boost fuel economy between eight to 10 percent, while lowering CO2 emissions proportionately.
Titanate coupling agents provide antioxidant metal deactivation.