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the act of deactivating or making ineffective (as a bomb)

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last letter concerning pointless, "smart" many still believe not -pushy supplier now to me Amazon in the that I will reduce their mountain of uninstalled USA, have even homes " UK "the here, the forced The problems are only relieved by the deactivation or complete removal of the hideous gadget.
The timing of deactivation falls under question after Hannity failed immesely in branding the reports published by New York Times - that alleged President Donald Trump had tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller who was appointed to investigate the administration's ties with Russia,  as fake in his show Thursday.
Following the 2013 deactivation notice, Cochran, Wicker, and Palazzo pressed the Air Force to produce a thorough cost analysis and justification for deactivating the 815th and removing its C-130J Flying Jennies from Keesler.
United States], November 4 ( ANI ): Twitter has implemented "safeguards" in the wake of United States President Donald Trump's account deactivation.
Flights at Tegel, in the north-west of Berlin, were suspended for about three hours Tuesday evening due to the deactivation of a World War II bomb in a nearby Berlin district.
This volume contains seven chapters on reversible deactivation radical polymerization techniques to prepare functional polymers for different applications, such as self-healing, oil and water-resistant coatings, and controlled drug delivery systems.
8189 or the Voters' Registration Act of 1996, voters' failure to vote in two consecutive national elections results in their deactivation.
The Effects of Cylinder Deactivation on the Thermal Behaviour and Performance of a Three Cylinder Spark Ignition Engine," SAE Int.
Mode Deactivation Therapy is a behavioral therapy that is a derivative of selected principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Linehan's (1993) Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Hayes (1980s) Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (act), and Kolenberg and Tsai's (1993) Functional Analytical Therapy (FAP).
Now, their catalyst layer management services are allowing companies to expertly manage their plant's catalysts and to plan ahead for potential deactivation challenges in future.
To enable cylinder deactivation to take place at a wider range of engine loads and speeds they developed a new dual mass flywheel which also minimized noise, vibration and harshness levels.
Deactivation of refugee status happens when someone registered as a refugee is removed from UNHCR's active registration lists.
Deactivation and regeneration of zeolite catalysts.
On the issue of the deactivation of the biometric chips, she added: "As the report acknowledges this is one of a number of checks which Border Force officers conduct to verify identity.
Auto Business News-October 22, 2012--Volkswagen to equip Polo with ACT cylinder deactivation system(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing - http://www.