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Synonyms for deactivate

remove from active military status or reassign

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make inactive

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For security reasons, my Facebook page is temporarily deactivate," Anastasiades said on his twitter account.
Not only does Google completely forbid any such transactions, but the company also has the ability to remotely deactivate Glass if they find a user in violation of these terms.
K11777 deactivates enzymes called cysteine proteases, which a schistosome needs to digest proteins drawn from human blood.
Vytex natural rubber latex is produced through a proprietary process that deactivates antigenic proteins in latex, making it safe for use by most people who are allergenic-protein sensitive.
5 times more absorbent and thus deactivates and decomposes more than 99.
When metal is poured and solidifies in green sand molds, it heats some of the sand mixture to the pouring temperature of the metal, evaporates some water and deactivates part of the bentonite and additives.