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Synonyms for deactivate

remove from active military status or reassign

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make inactive

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We are 27,000 deactivated security personnel that are from the AFL, LNP, BIN, and the ATU including the Fire Service.
United States], Nov 3 ( ANI ): United States President Donald Trump has described the person who deactivated his personal Twitter account as a 'Rogue Employee'.
Before she bid adieu to the social networking site over the weekend, Mendoza hinted the reason why she deactivated her account followed by 4.
41 four-cylinder turbocharged engine with one or two cylinders deactivated [13].
COMELEC spokesperson James Jimenez said that out of the 2,284,742 voters who were deactivated due to the lack of biometrics, only 83,717 reactivated from July 15 to 23 with the National Capital Region (NCR) registering the largest number at 48,653.
PAYG sims are often deactivated after a long period of not being used
Registered Filipino voters whose registration status became deactivated for failing to vote for two consecutive elections have four days from December 6 to 9 to appeal their status.
Comelec Spokesman James Jimenez said they are sending letters to the more than 4 million registered voters to inform them of the need to have their biometrics data, which refers to a person's digital photo, signature and fingerprints in their voter registration record, taken in order to avoid being deactivated.
deactivated due to hateful statements regarding Uber through Social Media.
He further said that besides issuing new SIMs without BVS, more than 20 million illegal SIMs issued earlier had not been deactivated yet and the same were being used for criminal activities.
In some RAV4 and Hilux models, Toyota said there was a risk that the driver's airbag may be deactivated because turning the steering wheel could damage certain circuits, causing the airbag warning light on the instrument panel to illuminate.
An improvised explosive device (IED) was found and deactivated inside a bus in Al-Hegaz Square in Heliopolis on Saturday afternoon.
Kut (NINA) - Electricity Power Protection Force in Wasit province deactivated an improvised explosive device emplaced nest to a power transport tower south of Kut, Wasit province.
Regarding the deactivation of inactive connections, the regulator noted, "No cellular mobile telephone connection of a prepaid consumer is deactivated for non-usage, for a minimum period of ninety days or such longer period.
Mitsubishi Motors Corp is recalling a small number of its all-electric cars in the United States due to the possibility that the front and side airbag systems may be deactivated.