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Synonyms for deactivate

remove from active military status or reassign

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make inactive

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Shadow home secretary David Davis said there were four recorded offences in England and Wales in 2005/06 in which a deactivated firearm was used, and a further four incidents involving reactivated weapons, out of a total of 21,521 recorded incidents.
When caught, Mitchell had 50 deactivated submachine guns ready to be re-fitted.
Deactivated guns, which have been modified so that they no longer fire bullets, are not currently illegal and can be bought without a firearms certificate.
The highway operator decided Friday to reinstate the system to enable the deactivated cards to be used.
In some RAV4 and Hilux models, Toyota said there was a risk that the driver's airbag may be deactivated because turning the steering wheel could damage certain circuits, causing the airbag warning light on the instrument panel to illuminate.
An improvised explosive device (IED) was found and deactivated inside a bus in Al-Hegaz Square in Heliopolis on Saturday afternoon.
Kut (NINA) - Electricity Power Protection Force in Wasit province deactivated an improvised explosive device emplaced nest to a power transport tower south of Kut, Wasit province.
Findings reportedly concluded that the driver of the vehicle deactivated a speed restrictor in an effort to achieve top speed.
Mr Davies said the bomb, above, - a family heirloom, which was in his possession for about a year - was in a specially-made box and was believed to have been deactivated.
Mitsubishi Motors Corp is recalling a small number of its all-electric cars in the United States due to the possibility that the front and side airbag systems may be deactivated.
Lester also deactivated his Facebook account per Murray's instructions.
The international team gave fatty feed to two groups of mice -- one in which the GPR120 gene was deactivated and the other in which it was left active.
Anti-terrorism officers in Hungary raided a warehouse after the supposedly deactivated arms were imported from London to Budapest's Ferenc Liszt Airport.
The agreement on purchase of electricity from TRNC was extended for six more months after an explosion occurred in Greek Cypriot side in July which deactivated an electricity power plant.
In the case of a rollover accident, the battery is deactivated within four seconds.