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sell (art works) from a collection, especially in order to raise money for the purchase of other art works

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The museum continues to hold deaccessioned remains for a number of years until a site is confirmed, or they are left at, or returned, to the museum because there is nowhere secure to hold them in the interim.
27 auction by Hodgins Art Auctions in Calgary has taken Glenbow officials by surprise and evoked the promise that the same procedure will not be followed with First Nations artifacts that are deaccessioned in the future.
We do try our best to re-arrange the scores and books that have been deaccessioned, for example, by offering them to sister organizations through our outreach programme.
Some of these mineral cases incorporated specimens which were recently deaccessioned from the Philadelphia Academy.
lacking a clear purpose should be immediately deaccessioned.
Suppose, for example, that instead of saying "I have deaccessioned eighteen Cezannes" he spoke in plain English and said: "I have looted my collection of eighteen Cezannes in order to sell them and raise money to cover the budget shortfall I created by imprudent management.
As part of the museum's ongoing initiative to strengthen its collection, the selection of works to be deaccessioned was made by LACMA's curators, who identified those pieces that were redundant and others where the museum had stronger, similar works by the same artist.
This archive of archives has been deaccessioned, pulped.
327) When transferring control or custody, the federal agency or museum must ensure that the human remains and cultural items are deaccessioned according to federal agency or museum procedures, including assigning deaccession numbers, updating accession and catalogue records, completing a deaccession form, and filing all documentation in the accession or optional deaccession file.
Professionally trained rare book librarians are themselves going to have a major role to play in the downsizing of their collections, for they are the persons best trained to make the decisions on what books should be retained in their original formats and what books should be deaccessioned.
2) These scores were deaccessioned by the orchestra and transferred to the University of Pennsylvania.
I can still recall the moment when it dawned on me that somebody was buying volumes of Life that had been deaccessioned and cutting them up for the ads--cutting them up and probably throwing the excess away, that same rich stew of words and images that had so fascinated me since I was a kid.
Over 50 lots in the Christie's sale have been deaccessioned from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art including an exceptionally rare group of Iranian medieval ceramics and a silver inlaid brass tray from the 13th century Mamluk era, expected to fetch 40,000 [pounds sterling]-60,000 [pounds sterling].
8) Yet surely he was without even the most rudimentary ability to envision the possibility that his own work would be "salvaged" from a set of deaccessioned volumes nearly a full century later by a tribally-controlled college for whom the value of his book rests more in its ability to represent the colonized subjectivity of Native Americans, than in the photographs and morphometric data that constitute the intended subject of the text.