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sell (art works) from a collection, especially in order to raise money for the purchase of other art works

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Conway Fisher stressed that the Glenbow followed the correct procedure to disperse of the First Nations artifacts, which were among the many items to be deaccessioned in a process that began in 1998.
327) When transferring control or custody, the federal agency or museum must ensure that the human remains and cultural items are deaccessioned according to federal agency or museum procedures, including assigning deaccession numbers, updating accession and catalogue records, completing a deaccession form, and filing all documentation in the accession or optional deaccession file.
Professionally trained rare book librarians are themselves going to have a major role to play in the downsizing of their collections, for they are the persons best trained to make the decisions on what books should be retained in their original formats and what books should be deaccessioned.
2) These scores were deaccessioned by the orchestra and transferred to the University of Pennsylvania.
I can still recall the moment when it dawned on me that somebody was buying volumes of Life that had been deaccessioned and cutting them up for the ads--cutting them up and probably throwing the excess away, that same rich stew of words and images that had so fascinated me since I was a kid.
Over 50 lots in the Christie's sale have been deaccessioned from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art including an exceptionally rare group of Iranian medieval ceramics and a silver inlaid brass tray from the 13th century Mamluk era, expected to fetch 40,000 [pounds sterling]-60,000 [pounds sterling].
The true collector value of the Fournier Archives, deaccessioned by the Fournier Printing Company, was not fully recognized until the highly publicized auction of the United Nations (U.
1) Likewise, Sir Arthur Gilbert's gift to the British nation is housed at the V&A in its own separate galleries; Lady Wallace required that the Wallace Collection never be loaned, deaccessioned or added to; Albert Barnes set out exactly how his artworks should be displayed in Philadelphia; and William Burrell's will has recently been controversially overturned to allow his collection of paintings and artefacts to tour overseas.
227) This way, an artwork is deaccessioned from a particular museum's collection, but it is never deaccessioned from the public trust.
UNTIL 29 May 2001, none of my gifts had been deaccessioned, but on 30 April of that year Russell Bowman, then the director of the Milwaukee Art Museum, sent me a letter with a list of ten that were soon to be auctioned.
May 10 /PRNewswire/ -- History buffs will want to be in Hummelstown next week for a Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission auction of items that have been deaccessioned from the state's collections.
His piece consisted of a discreet announcement that a booklet is available to the visitor listing in a sober museological lexicon all the works deaccessioned - that is, sold off as superfluous - by MoMA since its inception.
Nasdaq: GMAI) today announced the company will auction a major portion of the United Nations' philatelic archives on November 18-21, 2003, including archival material from New York, Geneva and Vienna deaccessioned by the U.
It seems likely that a member of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society donated the diadem to the Yorkshire Museum, and the museum deaccessioned it in 1953.
Wesley today announced that the public is invited to an auction of deaccessioned items from its collections on Wednesday, July 30, 2003.