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sell (art works) from a collection, especially in order to raise money for the purchase of other art works

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The lack of secondary Scheyern provenance evidence suggests that these were not deaccessions from the abbey library but rather the commercial productions of the bindery itself.
organizations want to restrict the use of deaccession proceeds because,
While museums are usually able to deaccession objects, the opposition to such acts is often considerable, although the arguments for the opposition are often weak.
The records thus produced, it will shortly be discovered, are going to be useful in determining what gets used: materials that don't get used are going to be particularly likely candidates for deaccession.
The word deaccession is one of those bureaucratic coinages whose chief purpose is verbal obfuscation.
Bra's decision to leave his work and legacy to the municipal library at Douai, was, as De Caso emphasizes, a canny one because, unlike the French museums, libraries could hot deaccession gifts.
327) When transferring control or custody, the federal agency or museum must ensure that the human remains and cultural items are deaccessioned according to federal agency or museum procedures, including assigning deaccession numbers, updating accession and catalogue records, completing a deaccession form, and filing all documentation in the accession or optional deaccession file.
For example, museums register accession (acquisition) and deaccession events.
25) Faced with a dim financial picture, the Foundation's trustees were frustrated by their inability to fundraise because of the limitations on public access, (26) the small size of the board, (27) the inability to deaccession works from the collection, (28) and the constant costs of litigation.
John Kincaid is probably not too far off the mark with his assessment that what is occurring "appears to be a process involving restoration, deaccession, and rebalancing, that is, restorations of powers to the states and their local governments as well as deaccessions of unwanted functions, which, together, could produce a rebalancing of power between the federal government and the states.
Musee canadien des civilisations, 1995, Resolution concernant l'alienation et le transfert d'un petroglyphe au conseil communautaire, Kangiqsujuaq (Wakeham Bay) -- Resolution concerning the deaccession and tranfer of a petroglyph to the community council, Kangiqsujuaq (Wakeham Bay), Hull (Quebec), Resolution 95-8 (revisee - 19 mai 1995), Document depose a la municipalite de Kangirsujuaq.
The Library committee is in preliminary discussion about solutions--increased weeding, deaccession, depository storage, electronic delivery, off-site storage, digitization, and the addition of a new wing.
94) The museum's plan introduced specific steps, including an initial recommendation by a curator of the deaccessioning of a work of art; the determination, with the advice of counsel, as to any legal restrictions on disposal; consideration of the proposal by a committee made up of board members; and, after a final decision to deaccession an object, notification to the attorney general prior to sale or exchange.
The unanimous decision by the Getty's Board to deaccession and return a Thasian relief and Boeotian stele, both of which currently are displayed at the J.
It belonged to a bank that wanted to deaccession it.