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make or become free of frost or ice

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has landed a deal to supply its GEN3 runway de-icer to Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA).
The 1990s, then, saw it launch a successful runway de-icer, and today it exports its products to more than 60 countries on five continents.
This seems to be a curious conclusion given that all four workers that tragic morning were not in compliance with safety policies, the evidence was that the deceased worker occasionally did not harness up for the first de-icing, that the pair of de-icers deliberately did not report each other, and the one time that any supervisor admitted to having observed Mr.
However, it is often present in cleaning liquids and it can also be found in aerosol de-icers.
to create a mixed winter pallet display showcasing their Prestone[R] Windshield De-Icer products for Walmart stores.
The gritter can also be used to spread the de-icer magnesium chloride brine on roads, which is used when temperatures fall below minus 7C.
This innovative, biorenewable de-icer has a negative carbon footprint and is less corrosive than traditional de-icers.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), using de-icers properly can cut down on the amount applied overall and improve road conditions.
In Norway, temperatures dropped so low that conventional de-icers were ineffective.
In addition to the products on display, JBT AeroTech will have presentations available featuring environmentally friendly push back tractors, passenger stairs, transporters, cargo loader conversion kits and de-icers as well as panel discussions on the regulatory environment, electric product performance and alternative fuel options.
Succinic acid is used in the production of various valuable chemicals and is used in products such as de-icers, food and pharmaceutical chemicals, and solvents and polymers.
The new formulation which conforms to SAEAMS1435A AVIATION certification, drastically outperforms previous generation 2 de-icers by reducing carbon brake decay and wiring oxidation, whilst at the same time offering a cost effective, non-toxic and biodegradable solution.
Air T Inc (Nasdaq: AIRT), a company that provides overnight air freight service to the express delivery industry, manufactures and sells aircraft de-icers and other special purpose industrial equipment, has released its unaudited financial results for the second quarter of fiscal 2009, ended 30 September 2008.
Nearly three quarters of the 1,200 drivers polled use the glovebox to keep de-icers and scrapers, while 45 % have a torch in their glovebox and 40% have a first-aid kit.