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make or become free of frost or ice

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Positive feedback from BAA has been such that Clearway 3 has become the first choice de-icer at all seven of BAA's UK airports, as well as being introduced into other UK airports.
Only 55% carried blankets and as many as 10% did not have de-icers, claims a report.
Other developments around this time included the launch of Marine Paste, a low-temperature lubricant and quick de-icer for metalwork on ships, and the development of a Rope Compound to keep ropes and tarpaulins supple in frosty conditions.
Because of the Big Freeze, airport authorities are being forced to use huge amounts of de-icer to keep planes safe and runways clear.
It does not take many minutes to scrape the ice off, spray the glass with de-icer or even pour tepid water over the windows.
Goodrich's FASTprop de-icer is now kitted to include a convenient, pre-measured primer packaged with each de- icer.
There was also a liquid de-icer with 24 metre working width, and a high-capacity snow cutter-blower, type R 600 S, which had a special technical feature.
Nasdaq:BEAV) today announced a significant expansion of its pneumatic de-icer product line for general aviation aircraft, increasing its addressable market by more than 3,500 aircraft.
Sales of car maintenance products were up 8% as drivers stuck with their old motor rather than buy a new one - and the winter's cold weather fed demand for anti-freeze, de-icer and scrapers.
Sarah told the court: "She wanted to know whether I could smell the de-icer through the red wine.
And nearly one in 10 say a battery charger, snow chains or de-icer is more important than warm clothes to have in the car when stuck in a snowdrift.
They want motorists to equip their car with a lifesaving kit, including: n A winter weather bag including warm clothes and boots n A hot drink De-icer A torch and spade.
The patented system, which uses pressure-sensitive adhesives, reduces not only labor time but also cuts down on the use of solvents and adhesives required for standard propeller de-icer installations.
The materials include straight road salt, ClearLaneA enhanced de-icer or approved alternate, liquid magnesium chloride, and calcium chloride as a yearly contract for area participating governmental entities (Participants).