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make or become free of frost or ice

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A private jet which crashed at Birmingham International Airport last month, killing five people, had not been de-iced before take-off despite below-freezing temperatures the night before, air accident investigators said yesterday.
EFM estimates that approximately 94% of aircraft are de-iced just before take-off with their engines running at one of three special remotely placed de-icing pads near the end of each departure runway.
There are occasions when aircraft are de-iced on the apron; primarily when they require under-wing de-icing, or treatment outside the usual season.
We can de-ice everything on the pads, but there are a few exceptions: propeller aircraft and those with engines on the tail are usually de-iced on-stand.
These particularly sensitive areas can be de-iced using the company's hot air blowers, with a special 'pre-cleaning' treatment applied after heavy snowfall.
Oslo Lufthavn is also keeping a weather eye on alternative de-icing practices and has closely monitored the process developed by US manufacturer, Infratech, in which aircraft are de-iced in a drive-through hangar using infra-red heat.
6mins queuing time per aircraft waiting to be de-iced.
period--which is the time this fatality occurred--to monitor and a large territory to cover, especially for unscheduled planes de-iced farther away from the gates.
It's vital people ensure their cars secure at all times, extra time should taken in the morning to make sure car can be safely de-iced while the owner is present.
Assistant Chief Constable Steve dded: "While during cold weather there are issues with vehicles being stolen when they're being de-iced, the advice relevant all year round.
The owner left the car unattended with the engine running while it was being de-iced.
Federal Aviation Agency safety regulations require airplanes to be de-iced using aircraft de-icing fluids (ADF) that contain ethylene or propylene glycol, Bullock noted.
Several other aircraft were also de-iced using Radiant's new infrared system.
For years, airports have de-iced aircraft using large quantities of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, substances harmful to the environment.
A PRIVATE jet, which crashed at Birmingham Airport killing two senior bosses of a Coventry company, had not been de-iced before take off, an investigation has revealed.