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Synonyms for de-ice

make or become free of frost or ice

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com) in conjunction with a project to de-ice the gigantic blades of wind turbines, ThermaWing is an electric de-icing system that uses a graphite foil laminate attached to the leading edges of the wings and tail to heat up and break the bond between ice and the foil, allowing the airflow to carry the ice away.
Mercedes-Benz, a subsidiary of Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI), is developing a water-spraying system to de-ice tyres in winter, Leftlanenews has reported citing a leaked patent image.
It had been left unattended with the engine running to de-ice.
Allow a few extra minutes to have enough time to de-ice cars and never leave them unattended.
The biggest modification is the installation of inflatable de-ice boots, replacing the initial TKS "weeping wings" ice-protection system.
A project, which had developed "a complete new de-ice system for aircraft," collected one of the first prizes at the annual European Union Contest for Young Scientists, the award ceremony of which was held in Stockholm on 27 September.
Credit cards, books left in the car and even the palm of the hand are all used by drivers to de-ice car windscreens.
What is the least environmentally damaging way to de-ice pavement?
There is no need to de-ice twice or even three times while aircraft wait at the gate for clearance from the control tower.
A wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, Aviall extended its agreement with UTC Aerospace Systems to serve as exclusive stocking distributor of airframe pneumatic de-icer, de-ice system hardware and propeller de-ice product lines, including Goodrich FASTboot and SILVERboot pneumatic de-icers.
The cars were left unattended to de-ice outside properties with the keys in the ignition.
This doesn't, of course, include the amount of time to de-ice the aircraft as that varies depending on the airframe size and type of precipitation encountered, however, the queue time reduction speaks for itself.
A CAR owner who left their vehicle to de-ice came back to find it had vanished.
Pneumatic boots are used to de-ice the horizontal tail.
Contract notice: Supply of organic chemicals to de-ice airport pavement for the winter season 2015/2016.