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Synonyms for de-ice

make or become free of frost or ice

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The subject of the proceedings being: Supply of organic chemicals to de-ice airport pavement for the winter season 2015/2016.
The traditional VIP area will be hosted at the De-ice arena, with free refreshments available throughout the day.
Allow a few extra minutes to have enough time to de-ice cars and never leave them unattended.
Chief Inspector Andy Huddleston, head of the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: "It takes two minutes to de-ice your car, but it can take two seconds for a thief to steal it.
ARS")(OTCBB:ARYC), a leader in the field of acquiring and marketing innovative products and technologies to solve critical environmental problems, today announced the completion of the R&D team, headed by Dartmouth Engineering Professor Victor Petrenko, that will focus on how to utilize the electrochemical de-icer technology to efficiently de-ice roadways.
Contract award: supply of organic chemicals to de-ice roads airport for the winter season 2013/2014.
So simultaneously, we can de-ice six aircraft up to the size of an ICAO Type C - Boeing 737 or Airbus A320 - or four wide-body aircraft.
Glycol and formiate are used to de-ice aircraft and the authority is expected to release further information regarding the license today (18 October).
The combination of API's high-quality sales, support and distribution network and BFG's complete Ice Protection product line offers the customer a quality solution to meet all of their de-ice needs.
The VDS is designed to de-ice the outer profile of the blade focusing on the tip end to ensure maximum efficiency of regaining power production after ice build up occurs.
Delta Air Lines used our Hybrid De-icing System at Milwaukee Airport for much of the past winter season and estimated that it used less than one-sixth the glycol normally required to de-ice planes, resulting in a significant cost savings," said John Stanko, Deice Program Manager, AlliedSignal Aerospace.
Norwegian aviation authorities want to replace the chemical glycol with infrared heat to de-ice aircraft at Gardermoen airport.
Finally, there is no procedure for a final visual check, or better yet, a final quick de-ice of upper wing and tail surfaces at the run-up pad on the departure runway.
This is particularly important with a product line like de-ice systems, where long lead-times can lead to excessive customer downtime and lost revenues.