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Synonyms for de-escalate

diminish in size, scope, or intensity

reduce the level or intensity or size or scope of

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WASHINTON -- The United States on Friday expressed concern over the violence in the Indian-held Kashmir, saying the Obama administration was in close touch with Indian counterparts and wanted to see the tensions de-escalated.
He also expressed his hope that tensions will be de-escalated through diplomatic efforts and pledged to encourage all states in the region to pursue a mutually beneficial approach to developing energy resources, it added.
The deployment of Russian troops in Crimea has not yet led to bloodshed but it is hard to see how this can be de-escalated without violence.
The situation was de-escalated after talks between the Director Generals of Military Operations of India and Pakistan.
The squad supervisor also realized that he had effectively de-escalated the team leader's discomfort, resulting in his being in a better state of mind to discuss his recent challenges.
When we showed up, it de-escalated the situation once he saw the dog.