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deprive of energy

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The record does not conclusively establish whether the instructions put Sierra Rock on notice that de-energizing the panel via the internal breaker switches violated [sections] 56.
What all this boils down to is that de-energizing equipment and all energy sources provides the best protection available.
All units can be cleaned in place by de-energizing the electromagnet and shaking or flushing out collected contaminants.
By quickly identifying the phase at a specific point of interest, for example an overhead power line, the AP-10 offers tremendous speed and convenience compared with traditional phase-determination methods, which have required either de-energizing the lines or visually following the three lines (phases A, B, and C) from a substation while driving a crew truck to the point in question.
Many of these deaths involved deficiencies that should be part of any safety and health plan, such as daily and effective workplace exams to find and fix hazards; training, in particular task training for miners and supervisors performing work; providing and using personal protective equipment (seat belts, life vests, fall protection); de-energizing and lock out/tag out procedures; and pre-operational equipment checks followed by prompt management action to address deficiencies.
Public safety related situations (such as de-energizing live lines);
He insisted he wanted to be part of Jim's project, but then asked a significant question: "In the time I've been at XYZ I've had several annual performance reviews--in none of these has it ever been mentioned that I had a de-energizing effect on the group with which I was working.
The traditional maintenance practice of cleaning contaminated switchgear involves de-energizing the equipment with a scheduled power outage in order to manually wipe surfaces with clean rags using soap and water.
At this point, the owner became angry and aggressively reached inside the panel and flipped the breaker switches without de-energizing the panel.
The ceremony declared the Aegis Weapon System ready for shipboard installation and celebrated de-energizing the system - "pulling the plug" - in its test environment in preparation for delivery to Navantia's Ferrol, Spain, shipyard.
If branches need trimming but do not affect service, be safe and call Xcel Energy to schedule a de-energizing appointment before trimming the tree or hiring a professional to do so.
Public safety-related situations (such as de-energizing live lines); * Emergency service facilities (hospitals, law enforcement, fire departments); * Critical infrastructure (water and sewer facilities); * Distribution feeders and subfeeders, the "backbone" of the power delivery system; * Distribution tap lines, which connect the backbone to individual locations (neighborhood lines); and * Distribution transformers and individual service lines.