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deprive of energy

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The transmitter automatically selects the optimal signal frequency (6 kHz or 33 kHz) for fast and accurate tracing on energized and de-energized circuits.
This approach also has the highest potential for energy savings at workstations because the plug load will stay in a de-energized state until a user manually energizes the device, thus eliminating the wasted energy associated with false positives.
3) If a fluorescent light fixture has an emergency battery/ballast then the feeder circuit will not be completely de-energized simply by opening the local switch, the feeder circuit should be secured and internal battery enable switch opened to replace the starter.
OSHA found that the crane was being operated within 10 feet of the power line, which had not been de-energized beforehand, as required.
When the solenoid is de-energized (after a dwell time that allows a few sheets to gather on top of the tag), the cylinder which fed the stock out retracts, cutting the tag off.
For the past 72 hours, they've been splicing de-energized power lines and trying to save every pole that the ferocious flames somehow missed.
The valves can be fully opened and closed while de-energized, either under pressure or not.
As heater is de-energized, it contracts, making heater removal easier and eliminating bore seizure.
It won't always be possible for a cable with a defect to be de-energized while workers are working on a second underground cable.
When de-energized, the split sheath contracts uniformly for easy removal.
Neither employee verified that the dis-connect had been de-energized, or that the group-lockout device was installed in the proper location.
Two of their finest have died: an Osan AB electrician while troubleshooting a transformer and cable insulation he thought was de-energized, and a Robins AFB electrician when a man-lift he was on overturned.
What happens, for instance, when senior academic staff is de-energized because of problems brought about by the managing executive of the institution?
Furthermore, only a Qualified Person can work on or near de-energized electrical parts.
During the recovery portion of the process, the servocartridge is de-energized.