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deprive of energy

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The inspector asked the owner to de-energize the panel so it could be opened, and the violative condition documented.
A centralized occupancy control approach was implemented on a sample of 126 occupant workstations in the building, to de-energize circuits feeding groups of six or eight cubicles.
The company patented a safety circuit to de-energize the blanket when either a short circuit or a broken wire (open circuit) occurred.
Make lists of those things that energize and de-energize you either at work or in other situations.
Rather, we sought to find a partner that would not dilute our brand or de-energize our employees or customers as well as help us capitalize on all available opportunities for growth.
Early designs of double-ended tungsten halogen lamps without these safety features were used in the field for over 10 years, and a marking on the fixture required the user to de-energize the unit to reduce the likelihood of receiving an electrical shock.
Fires in trash cans in which there was no injury and the only thing burned was trash, and "arcing and sparking" that stops when you de-energize the circuit are not reportable.
Others say Ritalin is the only possible thing to successfully de-energize her son.
For more than a month last summer, Ridge's crews had to work with pole pullers to de-energize the overhead electrical lines that power literally hundreds of B.
The RIT ring--within the hub--is used to put external pressure on the self-energizing Techlok seal, in effect seeking to de-energize the seal-ring lips.
Specifically, it entails installing high-current fault protection via current-limiting fuses or their other equivalent that will detect both low- and high-current faults and de-energize the transformer less than a second after detection.
The information may help explain why some things energize you and others de-energize you.
For the demolition, Atlantic City Electric is required to de-energize the existing substation followed by transferring electricity from the mainland to temporarily provide power to customers in Avalon while a new substation is being constructed.
Con Ed also failed to employ technology to de-energize downed power lines and/or move the existing above-ground power lines underground, as has been done in Manhattan.