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deprive of energy

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Pressing the pawl on the receptacle ejects the plug to its rest position and de-energizes the system.
A centralized occupancy control approach was implemented on a sample of 126 occupant workstations in the building, to de-energize circuits feeding groups of six or eight cubicles.
De-energize and ground overhead lines before beginning work.
307 would not apply when employers: (a) Fully de-energize the cameras while placing them in the sewer; (b) take measures (e.
The company patented a safety circuit to de-energize the blanket when either a short circuit or a broken wire (open circuit) occurred.
Make lists of those things that energize and de-energize you either at work or in other situations.
Without the arm, we would have to de-energize the line if arcing occurred, and in some cases call in a second lineman.
If Sailors must remove a plastic starter, they shall notify the Command's electrical division, ensure all tag-out procedures are in accordance with current shipboard instructions, de-energize the lighting fixture circuit and tag "out of service", and consider all electrical leads energized until positively proved they are de-energized.
Five independent interlock circuits allow external circuitry to unconditionally de-energize an output SSR.
Of course, the best way to prevent arc flash incidents from occurring is to de-energize equipment before beginning work.
The RIT ring--within the hub--is used to put external pressure on the self-energizing Techlok seal, in effect seeking to de-energize the seal-ring lips.
Specifically, it entails installing high-current fault protection via current-limiting fuses or their other equivalent that will detect both low- and high-current faults and de-energize the transformer less than a second after detection.
The information may help explain why some things energize you and others de-energize you.
He unlocked the panel door, threw the breaker switch to de-energize the panel, and then closed and re-padlocked the door.