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Synonyms for de-emphasize

to make less emphatic or obvious

Synonyms for de-emphasize

reduce the emphasis

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Aside from its unified approach to funding, this approach offers another attraction to long-term care "traditionalists," notes Peres: "It de-emphasizes the medicalization of long-term care - a real concern as managed care begins to take hold.
Although some extra money was allocated for phonics instruction, the state budget does nothing about the continued use of failed classroom teaching methods such as bilingual/native-language instruction and the ``new math'' that de-emphasizes computation and correct answers.
Inferentially, this also suggests that as the client population moves to a more dominant Spanish language preference, a test such as the PMT which de-emphasizes language and its nuances will maintain its relevance as a measure of information processing.
In the event that MGG de-emphasizes its financial policy of focused debt reduction, and/or diverts cash flow to a large-scale acquisition, heavily expanded capex program or aggressive share repurchases (on a trend with the last several quarters), Fitch Ratings would revisit the outlook.
In these photographs, Struth encounters the limits of a nondiscursive photography that de-emphasizes its specific object through the motif, a phenomenon manifested in Paradise 17, California, 1999, Struth's image of the dense California forest.
The Framework recommends that calculators be issued to kindergartners and used in all K-12 grades; it strongly discourages placing students by ability or achievement; it advocates that teachers do more facilitating and less teaching; it discourages testing, and promotes portfolios, ``authentic assessment,'' and ``holistic scoring rubrics;'' it de-emphasizes basic skills and promotes ``cooperative work'' over individual responsibility.