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Synonyms for de-emphasize

to make less emphatic or obvious

Synonyms for de-emphasize

reduce the emphasis

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In the interim, the conservative bloc again moved to de-emphasize evolution, this time pushing standards that call for students to learn about "areas where scientists are raising scientific criticisms of the theory.
3) schools should not de-emphasize the critical value of American family life.
The legislation would help de-emphasize large contributions by reducing candidates' dependence on raising money and better inform the public about candidates.
A consequence of this, argued Innis, is that they de-emphasize time, favouring immediacy over continuity, now over then, unlike more time-biased media of communication is the removal of time itself from the cultural equation and from our attitudes toward social organization, political evolution and economic sustainability.
By doing so, the writers in Reading Race in American Poetry: "An Area of Act" seek to de-emphasize the social and political burdens that have traditionally been heaped on African American literature.
Critics of Navy aircraft carriers often cite their vulnerability as a reason why the United States should de-emphasize its reliance on these large ships as vehicles of national security.
These are people who de-emphasize Christ in order to find "common ground," who place great stress on the mystery of creation but keep silent about the mystery of Christ's redemption, and who leave very little room for the institutional Church, viewing it as a mere "sign" and an ambiguous one at that.
While one-half of the community-based programs funded by the states are emphasizing the abstinence message, other programs have chosen to de-emphasize abstinence in favor of other issues such as improved self-esteem.
HDS, a Windows NT-only shop when it came to software, balked at the prospect and decided to take a step back while it works on a cross-platform strategy that would potentially de-emphasize NT.
Third, the Company plans to sell or de-emphasize its reseller operations, U.
Clinton's budget continues to de-emphasize human space flight in favor of science, aeronautics, and technology.
In recent years, textbooks of this type have begun to de-emphasize artmaking activities, adding content that focuses on responding to artworks and learning about art history.
We de-emphasize departments, and instead focus on the holistic needs of each patient.
The new textbooks also de-emphasize peasant struggle, ethnic rivalry, and war, some critics say, because the Chinese leadership does not want people thinking that such things matter a great deal.
Americans United and other public interest groups argue that Bush's pro-ID remarks are unfortunate, because they come during a time when numerous public schools are under pressure to de-emphasize the teaching of evolution or teach ID, which promotes a religious belief, as science.