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  • verb

Synonyms for de-emphasize

to make less emphatic or obvious

Synonyms for de-emphasize

reduce the emphasis

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We don't really look at the streak," Flink said, staying with coach Jeff Cormier's de-emphasis of the third-longest winning streak in the nation.
Topics covered are: linking neurotransmitters to behavior, increasing specificity of medications, medication side effects, de-emphasis on talk therapies, and the future direction.
AOL said global ad revenue grew despite being negatively impacted by the sale of ICQ, Bebo and Digital Marketing Services, the affect of European shutdowns, and de-emphasis of search engine campaign management.
The DS8OPCI102, DS8OPCI402 and DS8OPCI800 provide receive equalization gain up to 36 dB and transmit de-emphasis of 12 dB to deliver 3x the signal reach and half the power (65 mW/channel) of competitive devices, according to the company.
George Matouk, the company's president, explained, "We had gone through a period of de-emphasis in table linens beginning in the late '90s, because the luxury business was declining every year," Matouk said.
The LMH0394's advanced features include power-efficient low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) drivers with programmable offset, amplitude and output de-emphasis, a cable length indicator that can approximate cable lengths within 1m of accuracy, and support for passive external splitters.
However, SEI as implemented in Arizona carries serious negative consequences for EL students stemming from the excessive amount of time dedicated to it, the de-emphasis on grade level academic curriculum, the discrete skills approach it employs, and the segregation of EL students from mainstream peers.
With an emphasis on live music and a de-emphasis on heavy hip-hop, she said she wants to distinguish her bar from the adjacent business, The Blueprint.
Several themes emerge, including the priority given to Jewish agency goals working with newcomers regardless of their special needs, de-emphasis on health and psychological issues, feelings of isolation among many newcomers, and nascent efforts by survivors to communicate and commemorate.
Chu is signaling a de-emphasis on Middle East oil and it is clear we will be heading in a greener direction.
Regarding the company's de-emphasis on pharmaceuticals, Lafley said the regulatory environment for drugs has grown more burdensome and that it takes much longer to get a product to market.
Pulling that section is seen as a de-emphasis on local news, Baron added.
De-emphasis of materials handling and warehousing at the undergraduate and graduate levels does not appear to have trickled down to the secondary or vo-tech schools that have programs, but these institutions need help in repackaging and selling their programs.
The de-emphasis of the process in favor of the product isn't good for children.
Why this error occurs has no explanation since the FM de-emphasis filter is implemented in the digital domain