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  • verb

Synonyms for de-emphasize

to make less emphatic or obvious

Synonyms for de-emphasize

reduce the emphasis

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Keeping languages optional guarantees them being treated as insignificant, and making them compulsory would certainly not lead to a de-emphasis on other important subjects such as English, maths and science.
Surprisingly, the topics parallel controversial issues encountered in the United States, such as the increasing emphasis on literacy and numeracy and the de-emphasis on social interactions and play.
What do students think this emphasis--and the de-emphasis on socialism--says about China's economic goals?
Back in 1955, Rudolph Flesch wrote "Why Johnnie Can't Read," a treatise about the crisis back then--and even yet today--of children not being able to read well because of the de-emphasis of phonics.
However, they will not reach the levels of 1973 which resulted in decreased consumption, de-emphasis at the supermarket level, and an eventual crash of the market in 1974.
Launched in July after antigay decisions from the New York State and Washington State courts, the group is calling for a de-emphasis on marriage equality and more energy devoted to winning rights for a broad range of relationships and families.
The study represents an ongoing revision in focus in the literature from managing diabetes to preventing it, and within that area of research, a de-emphasis on heredity and other risk factors, and an emphasis on proactive and definitively proven preventive techniques--namely weight management through a reduced fat diet and regular exercise.
Naylor is almost despairing of the American military's wholesale dependence on high-tech warfare and its de-emphasis on troop numbers and the human factor.
The authors argue for more flexible admissions practices for needy students, a de-emphasis on legacy admissions and athletic recruiting, and more support for K-12 school districts that serve the poor.
Glass, a traditionally collected material, is not shipped globally and is facing de-emphasis in many quarters as a desirable material.
The margin improvement was driven by a higher level of markups and renewed merchandising mix concentrating on new, younger-focused, more upscale national brands; increased storewide penetration of exclusive brands; and the elimination or de-emphasis of low-margin and weak-selling brands.
He held a more positive view of the New Testament, saying that the moral system of Jesus (whom Jefferson considered a mere mortal) was "sublime" But he also found it impractical and disagreed with Jesus' extreme anti-materialism and de-emphasis of good works, punishment, and restitution in favor of an emphasis on faith and forgiveness.
Arts and Letters dean Mark Roche denied the charge that the split of the two departments will lead to a de-emphasis on social justice.
The de-emphasis on the Holy Sacrifice in favour of the celebratory meal as Eucharist has provided some occasions of distress along with the many frustrations, abuses, messiness, and disillusionment with scriptural and theological revisionism.
4); and de-emphasis of virginity and Neoplatonism in lower classes and rural life (chap.