de rigueur

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Synonyms for de rigueur

Synonyms for de rigueur

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required by etiquette or usage or fashion

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Guitar-smashing is no longer de rigueur, the trashing of hotel rooms is frowned upon and aromatherapy is likely to be the only herbal substance on display.
Hard "legs," black velour stretched over wooden braces, were de rigueur for the wings, instead of the more common loose panels that could billow when a dancer rushed by.
Schools have universally accepted business applications as de rigueur.
Twenty-one years ago, before de rigueur book tours, before the vigorous programming that is now Black History Month, and when the conference was a two-day, not a two- or three-week gig, February was the most logical time.
But be warned, folks: On a show where gang bangs and the gropings of Julian McMahon's bare ass are de rigueur, what Matt finds is sure to be far from normal.
The leather trim (center console lid, arm rests, shifter and parking brake boots) have exposed stitching, which seems to add to the functional statement that the vehicle makes (the stitching on the seats are within French seams, which is now seemingly de rigueur for GM uppercrust vehicles).
Simulated randomness is de rigueur ("Life is random," says an Apple ad campaign).
Fortunately, the lame, limp lettuce that used to be de rigueur even in better restaurants has gone the way of legwarmers and shellacked hairdos.
The "wonderful sense of community" and the casual, laid-back atmosphere draw people to summer churches, where coffee and light snacks after the service are de rigueur.
Seventies retro string bikinis are almost de rigueur at the moment - for those who have the hipbones and thighs to carry them off.
and, more important, the notions of adaptive reuse and recycling are once more de rigueur.
In those years, it seemed almost de rigueur for Japan's trendy young white-collar types to get their scuba certification, a big clunky diver's watch and a semi-permanent tan.
In the past few seasons, the acquisition of an Oriental player has been de rigueur for Premiership clubs, with, it has to be said, varying degrees of success.
There, long gowns and tuxedos are de rigueur for the audience, as are the elegant picnic suppers held during the "interval" in the meadows adjacent to magnificent flower gardens, lily ponds and grazing sheep.