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We also found similar results when we ran models combining Boston and California de novo density: the combined de novo variable significantly reduced exit rates, while the density of firms outside of Boston and California increased exit but was not significant.
Our computational and experimental proteomics technologies coupled with De Novo Pharmaceuticals' powerful drug design algorithms, extends our capabilities by linking structure and function information to drug activity.
Peck said plaintiff attorneys might still be able to avoid de novo review after the Cooper Industries decision by seeking specific jury findings that support the punitive award.
The agreement with SBI will allow De Novo to expand its Drug Design Partnerships with early-stage genomics targets.
De Novo Enzyme Corporation is a privately owned spin-off of Simon Fraser University.
As shown in figure 1, panel A, over 3,000 de novo commercial banks have been chartered by state and federal banking authorities since 1980.
The de novo firms were selected in manufacturing, trade and services, while "socially" owned and privatised enterprises were selected from the manufacturing branches.
The court also rejected the former employees' argument that eligibility determinations are questions of law subject to de novo review.
La casa fue construida originalmente por Paulino Fontes en terrenos que compro a Miguel Angel de Quevedo; en esa misma calle se encuentra "La Escondida", residencia colindante con la de Novo y que pertenecio a la actriz Dolores del Rio.
The Court held that review should be de novo unless the benefit plan expressly reserves the discretionary authority to determine eligibility for plan benefits, in which case a court would look only at whether the determination was "arbitrary or capricious.
experts will make several presentations about the recently streamlined de novo process, an alternative regulatory pathway to market, and the challenges of medical device clinical trials.
M2 PHARMA-February 14, 2018-Study Suggests Autism Due to De Novo Mutations Exhibits Greater Reduction in Cognitive Function and Motor Skills than Autism Due to Inherited Factors
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 24, 2018-IlluminOss Medical Inc's first orthopaedic De Novo device awarded approval by the US FDA
Winter Park National Bank is the first de novo national bank and first de novo approved for federal deposit insurance in Florida since the financial crisis.
LAS VEGAS -- A prediction model of seven combined risk factors provides a validated, individualized way to determine a patient's risk for developing de novo stress urinary incontinence following pelvic prolapse surgery, in a novel study.