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AirXpanders President and Chief Executive Officer, Scott Dodson said, "The de novo process is used when there is no identical predicate device in the same medical field upon which to make comparisons.
The company then was permitted, following agreement with FDA, to file a de novo submission seeking reclassification and clearance of the device.
In women without stress urinary incontinence symptoms, prolapse surgery may cause de novo SUI in 16%-51% of patients," Dr.
The software also has unique integrated report generation tools pioneered by De Novo Software.
Citizens Bank increased its market share by opening seven de novo branches over a 23-year period.
The Palm Sunday law's de novo review order did not simply allow Terri Schiavo's parents to use the 14th Amendment's "due process" clause to make sure their daughter's rights were not violated by the state of Florida, it unconstitutionally attempted to completely nullify the Florida judiciary findings by having the federal judiciary try the case under federal law.
The court then said its review would be de novo and, therefore, the taxpayer could submit evidence not in the administrative record.
The ultimate goal and a high priority for the NHGRI's sequencing technology development efforts, as exemplified in these two RFAs, continues to be de novo, assembled sequence.
De Novo Pharmaceuticals will utilize its extended pharmacophore, QUASI II(TM), technologies to identify site points on the protein, run docking models and virtual screens of small molecules against the proteins.
Peck and other lawyers in the Center for Constitutional Litigation noted that many state courts, such as Oregon's, already engage in de novo review of punitive damages awards with no discernible difference from an abuse-of-discretion review.
SBI), San Diego, has announced that De Novo Pharmaceuticals (Cambridge, UK) has entered into an agreement to access multiple therapeutic target classes within SBI's SBdBase, one of the databases within SBI's ProMax 3-dimensional protein structure database series.
De Novo Enzyme Corporation, Burnaby, BC, has completed a $2 million private placement.
banking industry continues to consolidate, these de novo banks are potentially important for preserving competition and providing credit in local markets.
Whether these isoprenoids are synthesized de novo by the parasite or taken from the [host] medium is not yet definitively proven," Jomaa notes.
The interviews were done with the owner of the de novo firm and general and/or financial manager or some other leading managers in "socially" owned and privatised enterprises.