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English poet remembered for his verse for children (1873-1956)

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For the period 1930 through 1950, de la Mare finds that the sea ice boundary remained stable, averaging around 61.
THE adventure is over for flying fool Brett De La Mare.
Add to this mix the fact that the only Walter de la Mare poem anyone has ever heard of is 'The Listeners' and you have the makings of a different take on a sadly-neglected poet.
The program includes works as familiar as George Butterworth's setting of Housman's "A Shropshire Lad"--there is a lot of heavy competition among recordings of this cycle, and Polegato, while never eclipsing anyone, holds his own--and such rarities as Benjamin Britten's Tit for Tat, settings of de la Mare that include the 90-second masterpiece "Silver.
William de la Mare, the latest author, set a different tone by qualifying theology as a "law" rather than a "science.
In the first of two volumes examining the texts (rather than the physical documents) historians and philosophers discuss those by such figures as Thomas Aquinas, William de la Mare, Giles of Rome, Franciscans, and Godfrey of Fontaines.
While Walter de la Mare is a famous children's author, it may surprise readers to learn the majority of his short stories have long been unavailable.
Jamie Gordon, 19, of De La Mare Drive, Billingham, banned from driving for 16 months, given a 12-month community order with 80 hours' unpaid work and ordered to pay pounds 55 costs for driving without an appropriate licence, having no insurance, drink driving and driving without due care and attention.
Readers may no longer be able to appreciate how de la Mare constructed this ostensible memoir of a variably sized twenty-year-old "Midgetina.
Thomas de la Mare,appearing for the CRHP, asked a judge to order a rehearing.
Contractor address : 18 bis rue de la Mare aux Loups
Jordan De La Mare said: "Good stuff, he's a legend.
The key to the campaign, which was fully supported by our executive staff, was that we were not telling people to buy Chronicle Books; we were encouraging them to buy ANY books in the larger service of a shared love of reading," says de la Mare.
Chintzier Shakespeare had launched proceedings, Farnsworth warm and mellifluous as he brought a welcome freshness to three Quilter favourites, and employing vivid eye-language (text-reading punters will have missed that) in Britten's rarely-heard Tit for Tat settings of Walter de la Mare.
40 Wolverhampton The British artist, designer and illustrator (1905-1944) is perhaps best known for his book illustrations, particularly those that appeared in works by Evelyn Waugh and Walter de la Mare.