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English poet remembered for his verse for children (1873-1956)

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The Idea of a hospital as a 100 percent "fun" place is going to be a stretch for anyone, but as de la Mare says, there's something to be said for creating a more immersive world that feels like a positive journey, with a bit of magic thrown In along the way.
Armstrong Gibbs, with whom Walter de la Mare collaborated--are well known.
Poems by Walter de la Mare (all page references are to Matthew Sweeney's edition published by Faber): 'The Fly' (p.
Meticulous analysis enabled de la Mare to establish a chronology of his output.
Everything that Richard Rodney Bennett writes has music in it and Dream Songs was an evocative setting of Walter de la Mare, with Burnside conjuring atmospheric sounds of trumpets, horns and harps from the imaginative accompaniment.
Cher (Paul Bertagnolli), Alexander of Hales (Niederbacher), Richard Fishacre (Christoph Amor), Bonaventure (Georg Gasser), Thomas Aquinas (Niederbacher), and William de la Mare (Hans Kraml).
Thomas de la Mare, for the Ritz Hotel, said that time was tight as members of the paparazzi, who were likely to be key witnesses, were due to give evidence to the inquest at the beginning of the week after next.
Fowler, a British professor of English, offers succinct advice and clear examples, taken from writers ranging from Walter de la Mare to Martin Amis and Barbara Kingsolver.
In the first of two volumes examining the texts (rather than the physical documents) historians and philosophers discuss those by such figures as Thomas Aquinas, William de la Mare, Giles of Rome, Franciscans, and Godfrey of Fontaines.
While Walter de la Mare is a famous children's author, it may surprise readers to learn the majority of his short stories have long been unavailable.
Jamie Gordon, 19, of De La Mare Drive, Billingham, banned from driving for 16 months, given a 12-month community order with 80 hours' unpaid work and ordered to pay pounds 55 costs for driving without an appropriate licence, having no insurance, drink driving and driving without due care and attention.
Readers may no longer be able to appreciate how de la Mare constructed this ostensible memoir of a variably sized twenty-year-old "Midgetina.
Thomas de la Mare,appearing for the CRHP, asked a judge to order a rehearing.
Lee de la Mare, previously trading controller, is head of supply chain.
Housman (1859-1936) and Walter de la Mare (1873-1956)--as set to music by a group of English and American composers.