de jure segregation

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segregation that is imposed by law

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and maintaining de jure segregation at the local level, making them
In the 1990s, the Court softened its previous position on desegregation in schools that once had had de jure segregation.
editor Henry Grady did when championing de jure segregation.
desegregation order where the vestiges of de jure segregation had been
76) In Milliken I, there was no dispute that the state of Michigan had engaged in de jure segregation in the City of Detroit.
We discussed the pitfalls of stereotyping and I encouraged them to analogize the condition of the Roma people to the struggles of Black Americans in the context of de facto segregation and de jure segregation.
Jelks deftly explains that black people in Grand Rapids did not face de jure segregation in the way that their brethren did in the South.
The shift happened as a result of two developments: first, states that never participated in de jure segregation decided to combat de facto segregation; (17) second, states that did practice de jure segregation kept their integrative plans in place even after achieving what the courts call "unitary status.
They mandated de jure segregation in all public facilities, with a "separate but equal" status for black Americans and members of other non-white racial groups.
Augustine as a city still uncomfortable with its past, where de jure segregation has been supplanted by systematic neglect and isolation.
The Mendez case established that the de jure segregation of Latino--"Spanish surnamed"--children fosters an inferiority inimical to the principles of equality.
Board of Education helped dismantle de jure segregation in the South and for a time the dream of creating racially integrated schools via mandatory busing became a reality.
Or to put it more accurately, Williams enables the players in this important history to narrate their tale and in so doing they tell a story that reaches back to the Great Depression era of de jure segregation and spans the postwar decades of increasing de facto segregation.