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Irish statesman (born in the United States)

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The stinging rebuke came last night as the Deputy Gilmore commented on the Government's decision to send books on Eammon De Valera to every school in the country.
De Valera rejected the offers because he felt they could not be delivered and were made without consultation with Northern unionists.
On Saturday night get your groove on to David De Valera, Citizen Black and Alan Keane - De Valera (voted Ireland's best resident DJ 2010) shows that there's more to Irish electronic music than many people really appreciate.
De Valera might have ended up showing more than he bargained for.
De Valera said he could have feigned a "diplomatic illness" but he would "scorn that sort of thing".
Although the Irish response baffled the Allies, word soon travelled quickly across Europe that De Valera would not shut the door on those accused of war crimes.
When Eamon de Valera died in August 1975, a month's mourning was declared in India.
CREAM OF THE CROP Host Maura Derrane NOT SO GRAND Kevin in Dharavi POWER De Valera ruled for 16 years ON THE WYLDE SIDE Ryan Lamb punches Mark in Emmerdale
15 local time on Wednesday, the Taoiseach will officially open Eamon De Valera Road in the Thanakyapurifor area of the Indian capital New Delphi.
Prints include portraits of Charles Haughey, Eamon de Valera, John F Kennedy and Princess Grace of Monaco.
A TELEGRAMfrom Eamon de Valera to his wife confirming his election win asMP a year after the Easter Rising has gone on public display.
Mr Justice Eamon De Valera last night decided he would allow the application to be made next week.
As you know Eamon O'Cuiv is a grandson of former Taoiseach Eamon de Valera and it seems that that historic symbolism was evident on the day.
Eamon De Valera is 12th in the League Table of longevity having served 41 years between 1918 and 1957.
But Judge Eamon de Valera said in the High Court that a EUR750,000 down payment must be made without delay.