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French diplomat who supervised the construction of the Suez Canal (1805-1894)

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When Great Britain gained control of the Suez Canal through shrewd financial maneuvering in 1875, the proud French nation turned attention to the Western Hemisphere and once again enlisted de Lesseps to lead a venture to replicate his successful Suez experience.
In fact, the author contends that, in some ways, despite the canal's pivotal role in increasing world trade, De Lesseps vision of a bridge between cultures seems to have been lost.
Monsieur Ferdinand de Lesseps described his plan for a "ship canal across the Isthmus of Suez", and Dr Livingstone "explained the course of his travels and the advantages to commerce which might be expected from further explorations".
History recorded that in 1884, Ferdinand de Lesseps took 500 young French engineers to Panama to supervise the construction project that he predicted would last 3 years.
Contractor address : 14 avenue Ferdinand de Lesseps CS 90609
It had taken 10 years to make the 100-mile canal devised by Ferdinand de Lesseps.
King, Lindsay Ellingson, Paul Haggies, Ymre Stiekema, Alex Von Furstenberg, Ty Hunter, Alex Lundqvist, Oda Marie Midboe, Viktoria Sasonkina, Bregje Heinen, Maxwell, Alina Baikova, Trevor Reckling, Elliot Tebele, Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis, Johannes Huebl, Maury Hopson, Ivan Bart, Jonathan Cheban, Countess Luann De Lesseps, Victoria De Lesseps, and co-hosts Russell James, Fern Mallis, and CEO of Pier59 Studios, Prince Federico Pignatelli Della Leonessa.
The real change occurred during the ruling of Egyptian viceroy Said Pasha, who was very much interested in the project when the French diplomat and engineer Vicomte Ferdinand Marie de Lesseps presented it to him back in 1854.
Will Cotton, Karen Duffy, Morgan Entrekin, Craig Hatkoff, Edward Hemingway, LuAnn de Lesseps, Terry McDonnell, Judith Regan, Madeline Hult Elghanyan, Dennis Mangone, Laurie Waters, and Bobby Williams were also in attendance to commemorate the launch.
Diplomat Ferdinand de Lesseps, above left, led the construction but eight years later thousands of workers had died, the company behind the scheme had gone bust and almost 1,000 investors had got their fingers burnt.
Fresh from building the Suez Canal - and led by its inspirational engineer Ferdinand de Lesseps - they boasted they would link the Atlantic and the Pacific.
The project, which saved ships from an 8,000-mile journey round the stormy Cape Horn, cost PS250million and had taken 40 years to achieve, with American engineers finally triumphing where the French - led by Suez Canal builder Ferdinand de Lesseps - failed.
Also in the family's business stable is the Guardian Eagle Resort, a half hour's flight from town on De Lesseps Lake.
The French had tried to build the canal a few years earlier but, despite putting the builder of the Suez Canal, Ferdinand de Lesseps, on the job, they left in total failure.