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Synonyms for dazzling

Synonyms for dazzling

amazingly impressive

shining intensely

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Soba, a dazzlingly fast front-running filly, won 11 races as a three- year-old in 1982 including the Stewards' Cup, and later developed into a top-class sprinter.
The spiky satire about American family values is blessed with a dazzlingly original and pithy screenplay.
The sun seems to literally shine from each dazzlingly illustrated page.
a Soho retailer specializing in fine 18th and 19th century reproductions, showcased Salmon's dazzlingly crafted home entertainment/home office pieces.
With this striking black-and-white striped guitar, he dazzlingly swooped, dived and blazed his innovative way through one of the most original and most famous debut albums in history.
Still dazzlingly beautiful and easy to love, islands are a good place to start.
Venus looks like a dazzlingly bright star, but it's really a planet about the same size as Earth some 150 million kilometers away.
More poems-in-prose than stories, these pieces are like tiny jewels that reflect dazzlingly a million truths.
And they will succeed only if they recognize the fundamental premise that the real resource is comprised of one dazzlingly interconnected ecosys - The most destructive myth of forestry and fisheries management has been that forests and salmon are separable and can be valued and manipulated independently.
Her dazzlingly colourful work always packs a punch but she has a gentle touch too, which sees collectors beating a path to her studio door in Glasgow.
They will be elitist, ruthlessly and dazzlingly elitist" - Boris Johnson, (pictured) mayor of London.
Long gone are those dazzlingly overpowering floodlights from 20 years ago - outdoor lighting has come a long way.
A prize worth pounds 35,000 is up for grabs in its Style 2009 contest for the most dazzlingly dressed racegoer.
In this Steams is, by sums, breathtakingly ambitious, dazzlingly insightful, and invites rebuff.
But, despite Nik's extraordinary mullet and Eva's striking underbite, we're told that this dynamic duo are dazzlingly good at whatever it is they do.