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in a daze


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Bronyakin splashed down to his waist, and flailed dazedly for a moment, grasping for his gear.
The "Vince" is a little red-brick Colonial Williamsburg-looking pavilion, whose parking lot this midnight is hopping with cars, tour buses, motor homes, pickups--all my adversaries from the turnpike--their passengers and drivers trooping dazedly inside through a scattering of sea gulls and under the woozy orange lights, toting diaper bags, thermoses and in-car trash receptacles, their minds fixed on sacks of Roy Rogers burgers, Giants novelty items, joke condoms, with a quick exit peep at the Vince memorabilia collection from the great man's glory, days on the "Six Blocks of Granite," later as win-or-die Packer headman and later still as elder statesman of the resurgent Skins (when pride still mattered).
As her patient briefly opened her eyes and looked dazedly around the room, Saar quickly reassured her, "It's OK, Mamie.
I will feel their owners' anguish as they sit at their windows, dazedly mulling over their fat-headed greediness, while gazing out upon the useless, hulking behemoths that inhabit their driveways.
Though secondary deverbal derivation in Middle English was attested rather seldom its productivity from past participle and passive modal adjectives exceeded that from present participle and deverbal adjective: advise 1297, advised 1325 (8), advisedly 1375 (15), advisedness 1400 (16); note 1225, notable 1340 (7), notably 1380 (13), notability 1380 (14); daze 1325, dazed 1325 (8), dazedly 1300 (15), dazedness 1340 (16); blame 1200, blameful 1386 (5), blamefully 1400 (9), blamefulness 1400 (10); sigh 1300, sighing 1440 (6), sighingly 1402 (11), sighingness* 1300 (12) There were pairs of secondary deverbatives that never got combined in Middle English.
Screening Fri, Nov 14, 8:30; Sun, Nov 16, 7:30] * FLOATING LIFE "You're here as migrants, not to enjoy life," barks Aussified Annie Yip to her just-arrived Chinese parents and younger brothers, as they dazedly contemplate their shift from teeming Hong Kong to sun-splashed Down Under suburbia-while being cautioned against skin cancer, wasps, spiders and the danger of burning incense in a wooden house.
Dizzily and dazedly staggering off, we concluded that the effects were far too close to reality for comfort--at least for anyone over 15.
Many were injured as pieces of red-hot metal catapulted through the air, leaving victims screaming in pain and bleeding from head wounds as they ran dazedly across the airfield.
Strangely enough, Newcastle's climb to the Premiership heights began with a 3-1 win across Stanley Park at the back-end of October as Everton, creating a mass of chances and missing the bulk of them, found themselves staring dazedly at an unbelievable defeat.
When he says "I loved her"-- meaning Isabel's innominate mother, we dazedly presume- she slaps his face again and again, screaming "Leave me alone
Even Toby's Feed Barn has a gallery, and saddle shop Cabaline greets the street, in classic Western fashion, with the life-size synthetic head of a horse emerging dazedly through the front wall.
One elderly woman party worker was apparently so deeply shocked that she dazedly began tidying her desk amid the horror.