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the work shift during the day (as 8 a

workers who work during the day (as 8 a


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Calls dispatched within 1 hour improved for both the dayshifts, from 82.
We had a debrief from the dayshift negotiators at Ponteland Police HQ.
If the security situation gets better this year, the entry test for dayshift schools will be held in all the 34 provinces of the country.
When we rotated back to dayshift Clark growled at any boss who happened to come into the pump house.
It's possible for the buck you've aptly nicknamed the nocturnal nightmare to gradually switch back over to the dayshift with this dirty little strategy.
Smith has been the dayshift sergeant and has served as a court officer, evidence officer for the Police Department and the Criminal Justice Information Services representative.
15, 2006, Lewis' manager, Lori Stifel, received permission from the company's director of operations, Barbara Cullinan, to offer Lewis a full-time dayshift position.
Quick thinking and prompt action of Dayshift personnel protected the lives of 25 maintainers and 6 aircrew members during a storm which delivered the average annual amount of rainfall in just a few minutes with winds in excess of 50 knots.
Al Ain Hospital's outpatient clinics will operate in two shifts from 8:30am to 2:30pm in the dayshift and again from 8:30pm to midnight in the night shift Sunday to Thursday.
Things were very busy that night (especially since I was the lone CDI), so instead of going to aircraft 407 to verify that the harness was removed, I assumed the dayshift CDI had removed the harness from the overhead panel.
Linda Wiley, a dayshift charge nurse, prepared a guide filled with information and formulas that was incredibly helpful.
In those days (23 years ago) there were only two of us and a bed-maker, caring for 26 residents in Lourdes Ward on dayshift.
A lot of them are shift workers who have been in all night, but some of the dayshift have been stuck because they tried to beat the rain waters.
He said "so long," to his brother and his father when they left to go to work on the dayshift at half-six.
At 8 am the patient complained of "feeling sick" and the dayshift nurse noted a firm abdomen without tenderness and hypoactive bowel sounds, and notified the physician; MP's vital signs were 99.