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a day when you are not required to work

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Employees in Ireland are entitled to a minimum of 20 days off each year plus public holidays.
More rest: Babcock is hoping to give the Ducks more days off this season, especially when coming back from road trips.
Many of the days off were for stress - virtually non-existent among Parliament staff four years ago.
5 per cent of its workforce to be off at any one time - that's 10,000 people - and the average postal worker takes 12 sick days off a year.
The Shakers have won just once in 15 games, and Barrow raged: "I gave them two days off for a change in the week.
Jordan still isn't sure whether surgery, a stint on the disabled list or a few days off is required for recovery.
We currently have the second-worst record for paid days off, coming 16th out of 17 nations.
ScheduleSoft helps us with data analysis such as overtime and days off, and even helps build staff morale.
The five days off are giving the aching Lakers time to recuperate.
It is unfair for these guys to have no days off for two years.
These subclauses explain the allocation of days off and how they are required to be rostered.
These 120 days off per year are the equivalent of an office worker's weekends and bank holidays but without the same predictability, the union said.
44 days off sick a year, followed by Wakefield on 11.
WORKERS are taking fewer days off sick, with a record 45% having no days off ill at all in 2010, according to new research today.
You get a month's vacation as well as local holidays so if you want this holy of holy days off put it on the schedule.