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a day set aside for rest

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I raise this issue because you did mention Sandy Koufax beating the Twins in Game 7 of the 1965 World Series with two days of rest under the photograph of Koufax on page 18.
But Vieira is confident he will be ready for the Villa Park showdown after a few days of rest.
A chance to get away from the rigors and responsibilities of the office, these little respites guarantee at least a few days of rest and relaxation.
On his doctors' advice, Lee has decided to stay in hospital for a few days of rest, the office said.
All items are rated better on the second and third day of rest, compared with the first rest day, indicating recovery from shifts occurs with time, and that consecutive days of rest are beneficial.
Methods: In this trial, patients with advanced solid tumours received MG98 as a continuous infusion for 7 days followed by 7 days of rest, which represents one cycle of treatment.
Manager Mike Scioscia said he wanted Izturis to have two days of rest heading into the weekend series at Oakland.
My bill will help ensure that these two collective days will remain days of rest for all Scottish people.
The men each performed 10 different weight exercises, eight repetitions with the Super Slow program and two sets of eight with the traditional, with three days of rest in between.
After seven days of rest, the 29-year-old will undergo a scan to reveal whether he needs surgery to cure his testicular disease.
Lien said after three days of rest, the president's health has markedly improved but he will have to stay in hospital for another two to three days.
Specifically, 18 patients with advanced solid tumors received by mouth CYC682 monotherapy twice a day for 14 consecutive days followed by seven days of rest.
It's all part of the life of a wildland firefighter during the burn season, and the members of this team have been working for months with only a few full days of rest.
But having lost one of our traditional days of rest, it's time we drew the line.
He said: "When I took a blow on the thigh against Barnsley I knew two days of rest would be the cure.