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Synonyms for daybook

a ledger in which transactions have been recorded as they occurred

an accounting journal as a physical object


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Sigma Theta Tau International has published a new book by Sharon Hudacek, A Daybook for Nurses: Making a Difference Each Day, a collection of moving, pithy, and humorous observations by nurses.
One week after the panel's first public meeting on February 23, a Nexis search listed only three references to the group: a press release issued by one of the corporate members and two notices of the meeting in a federal daybook for reporters.
Halsey's daybook joins thousands of other historical medical documents and items in the collection in Newark, from a 1725 edition of Andreas Vesalius' ``The Fabrica,'' which is credited with turning anatomy into a science, to two boxes of 19th century homeopathic remedies and texts about New Jersey notables such as Rutgers microbiologist Selman Waxman, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the cure for tuberculosis.
Bill McNutt, President, Colin Street Bakery; Founder and Co-Owner of DFW Daybook
PR Newswire Chicago Area Daybook for Saturday, September 15
news products including: The Washington Daybook, a daily