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Both grandparent stock (GP) and parent stock (PS) ducks are bred, with existing capacity of around 80 million PS day-old ducklings (DODs) per annum;
Zhentao Gao, chairman and chief executive officer of the Company, "we continue to operate our business well and the price of our day-old broilers remains in a favorable range.
Frangos Cancao is one of the leading partners of Unifrango, an association of 19 Brazilian poultry producing companies, who's combined output ranks nr 1 in day-old chicks and nr 3 in slaughtering.
Based on consumer e-mails and news reports of high prices of day-old chicks and exorbitant increase in the prices of poultry feed, the CCP undertook an investigation of the Pakistan's poultry industry.
Each year, 30 million day-old male chicks are gassed or shredded alive by the egg industry, because they cannot lay eggs and don't put on weight quickly enough for meat production.
In response to these behaviors, many of the day-old macaques smacked their lips after seeing a mouth opening and closing, but they didn't copy what they had seen.
Many day-old infants smacked their lips frequently after viewing a mouth opening and closing, but they didn't mimic what they had seen.
As anyone who's made homemade croutons from day-old bread knows, whole grain works as well as white.
The EU buys 25 per cent of its egg imports from America and 50 per cent of its requirement for day-old chicks.
1 loaf day-old levain bread, crust removed and diced small
Farmers claim to be upset at the killing of day-old lambs yet these are the same farmers who happily send them long distances to market or even overseas to be slaughtered when they are just a few weeks older.
SAN DIEGO -- If your idea of breakfast is a lukewarm cup of instant coffee and a day-old, half-eaten muffin from the break room, it's time to bust out of your breakfast rut and try something new, like the French Toast Sticks at Jack in the Box(R) restaurants.
A day-old baby boy was found abandoned on the terrace of a building in Al Yarmouk area on Monday and a two-day-old baby girl was found abandoned on a road pavement in Al Ghuwair area of Sharjah on February 26.
Zhentao Gao, CEO of Yuhe, said: "Our new breeder farms will allow us to further expand production of day-old broilers in order to meet China's growing demand for chicken.
Nasdaq: YUII) ("Yuhe" or "the Company"), a leading supplier of day-old chicken raised for meat production, or broilers, in the People's Republic of China ("PRC"), today announced that the Company has raised its net income guidance for fiscal year 2010, ending December 31, 2010.