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a private school taking day students only

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a school giving instruction during the daytime

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a school building without boarding facilities

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13 ( ANI ): Telangana school education department on Monday issued a circular, declaring "half day schools during summer" from March 15.
We have plans to set up 10 more day schools in the whole region by next year to improve learning," said the education director.
This article seeks to understand how leaders in non-Orthodox American Jewish communities squared an emerging affinity for Jewish day schools with their liberal commitments to public education.
Aaron Sears, President of the Endowment Fund, explained that "The Endowment Fund's goal is to provide every Jewish Day School student with a $10,000/yr voucher.
As tuition prices for Jewish day schools rise, parents are often forced to choose between providing their children with a Jewish education or keeping their families financially stable.
Chief master John Claughton said: "We know our fees cost a substantial sum, although an equivalent day school in London would cost PS18,000 to PS20,000.
To answer these questions, the authors surveyed 95 day schools and high schools about their practices in Israel education.
The agreement does not include day schools nor does it include Metis residential schools or residential schools operated solely by religious orders or provincial governments.
Conversant with extant literature in educational sociology and the expanding role of Jewish day schools in the lives of adult parents, the authors propose a case study methodology to examine, in depth, one non-denominational school in downtown Toronto.
Dr Mugheer Al Khaili, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) told Gulf News that since the initiative of evening schools was introduced in 1986, families and students had been suffering and it was for that reason that the decision to move 7,754 students to day schools across Al Ain and Abu Dhabi was taken.
A NUMBER of day schools are on offer at Warwick University's Open Studies section this summer.
UNIVERSITY of Birmingham Day Schools have always proved popular with the public.
David said: " Anyone who can play an orchestral instrument is welcome as the day schools are a means of practising and refiningexisting skills.
Mid Wales farmer's wife Jan Phillips is expanding her home- grown florist business to run day schools for flower arrangers.
City of Angels' independent studies are part of the district's Options program, which serves 12,000 students through community day schools, schools for pregnant minors and continuation high schools.