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a private school taking day students only

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a school giving instruction during the daytime

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a school building without boarding facilities

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Joseph Kaminetsky, a leader in Torah Umesorah, the society for day school educators that served as faculty at Orthodox schools, explained that day schools "are committed to the raising of a generation of Jews who will be loyal to the democratic way of life.
Marklund Day School and its students are so thankful for the additional enriching experiences this now allows for everyone in the Life Skills program.
DUBAI: An 11-year-old girl who died after falling from a water ride at a British theme park on Tuesday has been named as Evha Jannath who attended an integrated Islamic day school for girls in Leicester.
On the other hand, the Jewish day schools suffer from a lack of resources.
Aurora Day School will be Catapult Learning's second Arizona-based programme.
We were impressed by Wates' professionalism and their track record of success on other Girls' Day School Trust projects and are looking forward to working with them.
Helen shared highlights of her career in publishing and her role within the Girls' Day School Trust as well as an insight into challenges still faced by women and girls in both education and in the workplace.
7 million for the state's Jewish day schools if every Jewish day school were to apply for these services.
The hotel is serving a Thanksgiving Day Brunch on November 24, 2011, and is donating a part of the proceeds to Mizel Jewish Community Day School, a Jewish Day School in the state of Oklahoma, US.
The chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission warned that if day school scholars aren't brought into the equation soon, the work accomplished by the TRC could be for naught.
Pupils aged 13 and 14 at the school in Wigston Road, Woodway Park, Coventry, have been collecting donations of stationery and second-hand text books for the Chiwoko Community Day School in Lilongwe in Malawi.
Back to School: Jewish Day School in the Lives of Adult Jews, by Alex Pomson & Randal F.
Several meetings will be held with day school administrations to explain to them the mechanism by which students will be distributed across various day schools.
9% of kids go to what Cameron calls a day school and the silly boarder thinks it unusual.
After appearing to demonstrate some concern over the potential breadth of RLUIPA (in Westchester Day School v.