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a day when you are not required to work

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I am not somebody to give you a day off just because we are going well or you have won.
While not a federal holiday, the Friday after Thanksgiving is given as a paid day off by nearly twice as many employers (73 percent) as Dr.
Khan plans on going out with his friends on his day off.
Leisure centres and libraries will not be affected, as staff there receive a day off in lieu.
Angel Wesley, who runs the Labor of Love charity that organised the donation, said: "These are hard-working women who come home in the evening with barely enough time to cook, so they didn't have a choice but to queue up on their day off.
Employees signed up to a whole host of activities on their day off, including revamping the garden at St Giles Hospice in Lichfield.
what if our beloved MPs took a day off, how would we ever survive?
An outraged parent said: "I had to take a day off to look after my children.
For certain holidays, employers are required to grant their employees a day off with pay.
A teachers union official encouraged those who plan to volunteer on Election Day for school board member Jon Lauritzen to say they wanted the day off for "professional development" -- meaning the district would have to pay for the substitute, not the union, a Reseda High School teacher said Friday.
A children's charity is calling on generous bosses across the Midlands to let lucky workers "Ave It Off" by supporting a fundraising prize draw to win a day off work.
Frank McKenna, of private sector consortium Downtown Liverpool in Business, said many Evertonians may have taken the day off to escape colleagues' jibes.
Flu was the top reason for taking a day off sick at 41%, with physical injuries at 24% and stress at 15%.
As an avid supporter and patron of the children's charity CLIC, (Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood) I am writing to urge your readers to take part in CLIC's latest initiative; Win A Day Off Work.
STAFF and learners at 1st Choice Training in Coventry are supporting children with cancer by taking part in a charity fundraising event called Win a Day Off Work.