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a day when you are not required to work

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Workers are supposed to enjoy a day off on a holiday or get double pay when they work.
Union members have asked for management to either pay them or let them have a day off, a demand that has gone unheard for so many years," said a union member who refused to give his name.
Like his rival, De Sousa also took the opportunity to enjoy his first day off since the conclusion of his four-day ban on August 23, taking his family to a barbecue at the home of his agent Shelley Dwyer.
You can't now say, 'Oh, they deserve a day off because we are going so well'.
The poll of 2,000 UK adults also found that, of those quizzed in the city, eight in 10 haven't taken a single day off because of a cold or flu - despite suffering from such illnesses on up to two occasions already this year.
But, after taking the matter up with her bosses at G4S and her union Public & Commercial Services Union (PCS) she was told that she could only have one day off to cover Monday's funeral.
A pupil, who got an extra day off this weekend, was happy to get a much-needed break.
Although Hibs pegged the scoreline back to 3-2, Butcher was livid enough to cancel today's day off - and defender Nelson has no complaints.
Now, with four working machines, the women are able to wash their clothes a lot faster, giving them time to enjoy their day off.
Yes ladies, Michael Buble's Day Off is allowing us access into the crooner's life as he takes a day off in his hometown of Vancouver to spend time with his friends and family.
Governor of Qadisiya, Salim Husseing Alwan, told NINA that because of the heavy rainfall over the province, Wednesday has been declared an official day off for workers at the province's departments and offices.
NHS Northern Ireland has determined that the Jubilee Bank Holiday will be treated as a full public holiday with staff who are required to work receiving enhanced rates of pay and a day off in lieu.
The ban will be valid for the remainder of 2012 and will supend all heavy freight truck traffic from Bulgarian roads between 4 pm and 10 pm, including the day before the holiday, and the last official day off.
All this was due to our refuse collectors taking a day off to highlight their concerns regarding their pension rights and possible security of their employment, issues that would affect their families.
Melbourne, Nov 11 (ANI): It is not only ill health that compels employees to take a day off, but their bosses also, a new study has revealed.